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Arsenal Debate: Is it just a minority that want things to change?

Whose beloved Arsenal is under attack and from where? by TN

Those that support the current ‘Status Quo’ believe they are under attack from a small but vocal minority. Whereas, those calling for change believe change is the only answer to the current demise of their Arsenal. So I pose the question, are the Internet and airways being “taken over” by a minority of Arsenal fans calling for change?

Jenkinson – Arsenal are going to Anfield for all three points

The Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson is really looking forward to going to Anfield this weekend, and believes that despite failing to score in the first two games of the season, Arsenal will be able to take advantage of a more open game to grab all three points.

The FA won’t punish Balotelli for Song attack – This is crazy!

Balotelli gets away with it! by KJ

Some shocking news has filtered its way onto twitter. Mario Balotelli will not receive any retrospective action after his horrific tackle on Alex Song during the 1-0 win against Man City at the Emirates. According to the FA, an official saw the incident and decided it was not worth producing a card and hence did not communicate it to Martin Atkinson (providing he wasn’t the actual official who saw it).

Wenger promises to attack in Milan

Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal must score an away goal when they visit AC Milan on Wednesday to make it easier to qualify for the next round.

He said: “You always have to push for a goal when you play away in the first leg because it gives you a cushion for the second leg,”.

Wenger – We’re stronger now and will attack Barcelona

Arsene Wenger is feeling much more confident this season than when Arsenal faced Barcelona in last year’s Champions League Quarter-Finals. The Gunners only managed to come back to earn a draw at the Emirates last time, but Wenger is confident that he has a substantially stronger side this time around.