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Fabregas closer to Arsenal return after fans’ abuse

It can’t be much fun for Cesc Fabregas. The former Arsenal man finally agreed to a dream return to his boyhood club Barcelona a few years ago, something the Arsenal fans grudgingly understood despite the hole it left in the Gunners team, but it has been anything but a dream since then.

Was Arsenal boss right to comment on Barcelona ban?

Wenger backs Barca ban! by Ash

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, in non Arsenal news, Barcelona have been banned from making any moves in the transfer market for the next two transfer windows. Although this doesn’t make too much of a difference to Arsenal, manager Arsene Wenger has been chipping in with a statement about the issue.

How Wenger can make Arsenal more like Spain

Arsenal and the tiki-taka system by Sam

Arsene Wenger has his own clear football philosophy and, since taking over as the Arsenal manager nearly 20 years ago, he has gradually moulded the Gunners into the team we see now. In recent years, of course, his model has had to be rebuilt regularly due to the loss of key players such as Cesc Fabregas, through no fault of his own, but he is trying to achieve perfection.

Why Arsenal fail – and how to change it!

Why Arsenal Fail by NS

First of all, we have the obvious answer. We sell our best players. Even to our rivals. It’s like Winston Churchill selling Adolf Hitler his Spitfires and destroyers.

Who will buy Robin Van Persie from Arsenal?

What teams are in for RVP? by KJ

Again it’s another article on the traitor. However, his departure is the top priority of the club at the moment. There are numerous clubs reportedly interested in him, so let’s analyse those that actually have a chance: