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Has Arsenal meeting with Sanchez agent stopped Balotelli transfer?

There are not many Arsenal fans who think that Alexis Sanchez would not bring a significant and increased attacking threat to the Gunners squad. I know that a lot of us are armchair fans with no true knowledge of scouting or managing a football team, but we know football and can see a player’s abilities as well as the deficiencies ion others and in our team in general.

Pace and goals were missing badly for Arsenal last season, although how much of that was down to the injuries to Walcott, Chamberlain, Ramsey and Podolski, we will never know. But pace and goals are certainly attributes that the Barcelona and Chile forward has in abundance.

Alexis Sanchez would be perfect for Arsenal

How great it would be to have Sanchez at Arsenal by Blaz

We are a week away from July, a few weeks away from the end of World cup and from Arsenal presenting the new kit and main sponsor. We are, maybe, just a few days away from Arsenal.com presenting a new player for the team. But, of course, no-one (save Arsene Wenger) knows who that player/players might be.

One of the places we had difficulties in the past season was a fast and capable winger to take in all the Özil passes. We’ve also been missing a prolific striker to take some of the burden from Giroud.

Chelsea launch bid for ANOTHER ex-Arsenal star?

Arsenal´s local London rivals Chelsea have already secured the services of Wenger´s prodigy Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona, and now, according to a report in today´s Express, the hated Mourinho is also interested in returning to the Catalan giants to try and re-unite Fabregas with his old partner Alex Song, despite interest from Manchester United.

Unlike Fabregas, Song never really made the first team at Barcelona, and has spent most of his time on the bench, but was awesome in his last season at Arsenal in the Premiership and reportedly wasn´t too keen on leaving the Emirates in the first place. The 26 year-old still has many years at the top in him, and could evenbe better now than when he left London.

Relax Arsenal fans! Wenger was right on Fabregas!

Why Arsenal Fans Should Move On From Fabregas by A.T.

So the news that every Arsenal fan has been dreading to hear has finally come true. Cesc Fabregas has officially left Barcelona to join Arsenal’s London rivals Chelsea in a deal reported to be around £30 million on a five-year contract.

Since leaving Arsene Wenger’s side to rejoin his boyhood club in 2011, the former Gunners skipper has had a very difficult time at the Nou Camp, struggling to tie down a place for himself in the first-team. The last season in particular took a huge toll on the Spanish international’s morale, following extensive criticism from the club management and even the supporters.

Arsenal favourite to make BIG mistake joining Chelsea!!

There has been a lot of talk about the former Arsenal captain and fan favourite Cesc Fabregas recently. Many of us Gooners have always harboured hopes that we would see the midfield magician back in the red and white of Arsenal one day, so the growing likelihood of him going to Chelsea does not make good hearing.

We didn’t want him to join Man United either, but unless Arsene Wenger decides to activate the clause giving the Gunners first option if Barcelona sell him, there is little we can do. What surprises me, if it is true, is that Fabregas has agreed to the transfer. He doesn’t have to.

Arsenal not interested in Fabregas – Man City now favourites

There has been acres and acres of debate about whether Arsenal fans think we should buy Cesc Fabregas back from Barcelona or not, and the news yesterday that the ex-Arsenal captain was in London only fuelled the speculation that he would be having talks with Arsene Wenger.

But this morning, Matt Law in the Telegraph reports that the Gunners have not responded to Barcelona’s message that Cesc is for sale and Wenger has no intentions of activating the buy-back clause in Fabregas’ contract. This has also been backep by a story in the Daily Mail.

Arsenal don’t need Fabregas? This proves that they do!!

There is a lot of talk about Cesc fabregas and his possible return to Arsenal and the Premier League at the moment. We will have to wait and see if Barcelona really are willing to let the midfielder go this summer . If they do then we will have to see whether Arsene Wenger thinks it is worthwhile spending a good portion of his Arsenal transfer budget on him.

Arsenal Debate – Is it time for for the return of our prodigal Song?

The Cameroonian midfielder Alex Song was in awesome form for Arsenal before he was unexpectedly sold to Barcelona two summers ago for a reported £15million deal. It was widely reported that Song was sold off against his wishes amid rumours that he had asked for a new improved contract, so he certainly didn’t upset the fans by forcing Arsenal to sell him like some disgraced former Gunners.

Now it is being reported that Song is pining for a return to England after being dubbed surplus to requirements by the new Barca manager Luis Enrique, and it would be no surprise at all if Wenger brought the 26 year-old back to the scene of his former glory days.

Fabregas in London but NOT for Arsenal move

-It has been reported that Cesc Fabregas has been spotted out in London with his girlfriend. And with recent reports linking the Spanish midfielder with a possible transfer back to Arsenal, there are inevitably suggestions that one of the reasons for him being in the English capital is to discuss his move. Well don’t believe it Arsenal fans!

For one thing, Fabregas and his girlfriend Daniella Semaan, who gave birth to his first child last year, have a flat in London. And then the 27-year old is off to meet up with his team mates in the Spain national team to get ready for the World Cup.

Man United want Fabregas, but Fabregas wants Arsenal!

Every year there are more and more Fabregas-to-Arsenal rumours, but this year it is looking like it could actually come to pass, now that the 27 year-old’s love affair with the Barcelona fans seems to have come to an end.

Poor old David Moyes tried very hard to secure captain Fab last summer without success, but now the incoming Man United manager Louis Van Gaal has also made the Spanish international his number one target after losing interest in Toni Kroos, according to a report in todays Daily Star.

Arsenal target Mascherano wants midfield promise before signing!

The agent of Arsenal target Javier Mascherano has issued a statement to any clubs hoping to sign the Argentina international. The statement, in essence, reveals that the reason the 29-year old is planning to leave his La Liga club is the insistence of Barcelona in playing him in the centre of defence.

Have Arsenal already activated Fabregas’ buy back clause?

There are growing signs that Cesc Fabregas could soon be playing for Arsenal Football Club again, despite the fact that Louis van Gaal is rumoured to have put the Spanish international near the top of his transfer wish list at Man United.

The Dutchman was apparently planning an offer of £40 million for the former Arsenal captain, but that does not really matter, as Arsene Wenger made sure to include a first option to buy Fabregas back if Barcelona ever decided to sell. So just like last summer, when David Moyes was trying to sign him, the Gunners would have first refusal and a cheaper price.