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Arsenal lose their appeal to top French players

Arsene Wenger revealed before the transfer window that he was looking to raid the Spanish market for “bargains” due to the financial difficulties suffered by clubs in La Liga (e.g. Malaga!), but in the meantime Newcastle have been concentrating on Wenger’s traditional hunting ground, France, and have come away with some excellent buys.

Why Wenger is finding it hard to find new Arsenal Stars!

Wenger needs to move with modern football by N21 Gooner

With no disrespect to Diame at all, I think he is talented and hard working, but this policy of trying to find underpriced talent must stop. I think its a fundamental problem for us right now, it seems to go unchallenged at the club and so we are speculating with almost every signing, hoping that we have discovered something that no one else has but at a fraction of the price.

Will Santi Cazorla persuade Llorente to join Arsenal?

Arsenal’s very own signing-of-the-season Santi Cazorla is reportedly very good friends with Athletico Bilbao’s prolific striker Fernando Llorente, and according to the Express he wants the Spanish international to join him at the Emirates.

Be calm Arsenal fans! Wenger will find us a bargain or two after the Euros!

Arsenal 2012-2013 – by Lorenzo

Enough is enough. This site is descending into acute madness, not aided by bizarre articles from “guest writers” who seem intent on recounting their life stories in essay-like articles. Tensions are building among supporters daily, as we witness other rival clubs around us strengthening their squads with extravagant purchases, but patience is key. Do not let the transfer gossip intimidate you, as when the smoke of the tabloids clears, all shall be revealed.