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Can Arsenal fans forget about the Benzema rumours now?

Arsenal supporters could be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of déjà vu. The whole sequence of – player being linked – multiple threads of interest – and then finally the denial; this is a sequence that repeats itself across multiple transfer windows. The only difference is that the player being linked is different.

Latest on Benzema transfer is great news for Arsenal

It still looks as though this deal will go right down to the wire and will be done in the last few days of the summer transfer window, if it is done. So be prepared for a whole lot more Arsenal transfer rumours about the Real Madrid and France international star Karim Benzema in the next few weeks.

Why Bale is helping Arsenal to seal Benzema transfer

If this all works out the way I hope, it will not only mean that Arsenal have added another top class striker to our already strong and talented squad, but it will give the Arsenal fans another stick to beat our north London rivals Tottenham, not that we really need any more ammunition against the poor little spuds.

Transfer systems. Who SHOULD be In charge of Arsenal’s Transfers?

Transfer systems. Who should be in charge of Arsenal’s transfers? by Galen

Every football club have got a transfer system and a process. Loads of Arsenal fans have complained about our system. So I took this opportunity to look at our transfer system and that of other top football clubs.