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Real Madrid will NOT sell Benzema to Arsenal – Move on!

If you thought the start of La Liga season had no impact on the Premier League, think again. The tremors of the dull draw between Real Madrid and the newly promoted Sporting Gijon could be felt as far as North London. The stutter of the much acclaimed Los Blancos sent a message to the Emirates that Karim Benzema is Still needed more at Real than he is at Arsenal.

So who is set to be Arsenal’s transfer gamble?

It is now looking increasingly unlikely that Arsenal fans will get to celebrate the transfer that we wanted, even though the football media and it’s rumour mill are still determined to link the Gunners with the France and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema. His agent has all but ended our hopes I’m afraid.

Benzema to be unveiled today AND he’s staying put!

It just goes to show that there is an amazing amount of websites out there that just churn out Arsenal transfer stories – with the word Benzema in the title – simply to get the clicks to increase their advertising revenue, but when a so-called National Daily newspaper does it, it gets even more annoying.

Arsenal boss hints at another Real Madrid signing

I do hope that these latest comments from Arsene Wenger really are a precursor to Arsenal sealing the transfer of another Real Madrid player, and we all know who we want that player to be, with the France international Karim Benzema having almost single handedly kept the football reporters in Arsenal transfer rumours to write this summer.

Are Arsenal simply conning the fans again….. ?

Arsenal Con Job by DS

Arsenal are no closer to signing…..who?

If the barometer of the number of summer signings is the expectations of the supporters, then Karim Benzema would have already been a Gunner. The French forward is an eternal favorite at the Emirates stadium – both for the management and the supporters. Arsenal tried many times to sign him but haven’t been able to, thus far.

Wenger – No top class strikers available…

If this is true then it seems that Real Madrid don’t want to sell Karim Benzema to Arsenal, and there are no other top strikers anywhere else that are on the market. It seems clear that there is no-one available that Wenger thinks will be better than the strikers we already have, or that will want (or be allowed) to come to Arsenal.

Benzema coming! He’s never been wrong! Groaaannn…

Right this is definitely the last post I ever write about Karim Benzema coming to Arsenal until it is announced on Sky or the BBC. We know that Arsene Wenger is anally secretive when it comes to talking about his transfer targets in public, and we expect him to throw journalists off the scent until the deal is done and dusted, and even then it is not reported on the official Arsenal website for at least another week.