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Arsene’s Secret Diary after Arsenal loss to Southampton!

Southampton 2-0 Arsene-al: Class in defeat by JB

If there is one thing I value as Arsenal manager, it is that when we lose, we don’t see it as a negative. Whilst many managers would get angry at their players or themselves in such a moment, perhaps questioning what they could do to remedy the situation, I see it as all a part of the fun of the game. Winning wouldn’t feel as good as it does if you didn’t know how losing felt, am I right? By having this attitude, our players, having exerted themselves for at least 17 minutes of the match, can walk off the pitch with their heads held high and smiles on their faces, not because they were good, or even because they gave it their best shot, but because they are getting an exorbitant amount of money to do very little, and they are having fun doing it. It might not be enjoyable watching Arsenal at times like these, but it’s certainly fun to get £80,000 a week to do jack s**t.

Arsenal Debate – Chambers to be the top class centre back to replace Vermaelen?

Arsene Wenger has already stated that one of the main reasons behind the transfer of Calum Chambers to Arsenal was the versatility of the young Englishman. But in his first two games as a Gunner this weekend, Wenger deployed his new player in the centre of defence, so could this end up being his main position?

Having started as a deep lying central midfielder, Chambers converted to the right back role in order to get more game time at Southampton, but he did not look out of place in the centre of the Arsenal back four, by any means, which for a 19-year old making his debut, is very impressive.

Arsenal boss expecting a fight! But NOT with Pardew!!

Arsene Wenger may be seen as one of the more intelligent and thoughtful characters in football management, but the Arsenal boss has been known to lose his rag on the touchline, argue with officials and rival managers and lose his generally calm demeanour.

The Frenchman has got nothing on his rival in the dugout for tonight’s clash between the Gunners and Newcastle United. The game marks the return to the touchline of Alan Pardew, whose latest antics were the most extreme yet. He got into a ruck with the Hull City player in which the Magpies boss tried to stick the nut on him.

Wenger uncertainty could ruin Arsenal transfer plans

It seems as if everything is up in the air concerning Arsene Wenger and his future as the manager of Arsenal Football Club. And whatever happens at the end of the season, I am worried that all this uncertainty could have an adverse effect on our transfer business this summer.

Bergkamp wants to coach Arsenal – Sign him up!!

Because he has been the manager of Arsenal for 17 years now, Arsene Wenger knows most of the former players who are still working in football in one capacity or another. The Frenchman has always seemed to be keen on the old bootroom philosophy, in which former Gunners have stayed at the club or returned to it to work as coaches, academy directors or managers.

Bergkamp loving Ozil and planning Arsenal return

Return of the non-flying Dutchman by Big Gun

Dear fellow gooners, It comes to no surprise that the signing of Ozil and Arsenal’s current brilliant form at top of the league has turned many a head in the football industry, including an Arsenal hero and legend, Dennis Bergkamp. In an interview with Telegraph Sport, he spoke about the positive transformation Arsenal has begun to undertake and how he wishes to be a part of that. Currently he is the assistant coach at Ajax, but in the interview he states that he always had plans to return to Arsenal one day and continue his legacy with us.

Vermaelen to start ahead of Koscielny hints Arsenal boss

Arsene Wenger is clearly delighted as well as relieved to have his club captain Thomas Vermaelen back from his injury lay-off. The Belgium international centre back came on for the last 10 minutes or so at Sunderland on Saturday, and Wenger now has a decision to make about his starting line-up from now on.

The Frenchman has been talking about his defensive options, and he has compared the situation to the one he faced very early in his Arsenal career, when Steve Bould, Tony Adams and Martin Keown were all battling for a starting place. It was difficult to leave any of them out, but that is part of a manager’s job and is obviously better than having no cover.

Why the Arsenal defence has improved so much

There are various theories about why Arsenal have had a much improved defensive record in the last year or so. Last season, the Gunners conceded just 37 Premier League goals, 12 less than the previous year. That is almost a 30 percent reduction. The statistics look even better when you look at just the last 10 games of the season, when Arsenal conceded just five goals, while we were the only team all season who stopped the treble winning Bayern Munich from scoring.

Arsenal MUST balance between stability and stagnation

When Arsene Wenger praised the current Arsenal squad recently, lots of Arsenal fans were furious because they took it to mean that he would not be signing any big name players again.If that really is the case, I will be as furious as anyone, but I an still fairly hopeful that Wenger is just as aware as us that the Gunners needs to add some quality in order to compete with the best clubs again.

Will Koscielny injury force Wenger into transfer market?

It never rains but it pours, it seems, especially for Arsenal. Just like buses, injuries seem to come along in bursts. The Gunners are facing a real crisis, though, after Laurent Koscielny joined the Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen on the injury list, leaving just Per Mertesacker as our only first choice centre back.

The injury might not be really serious, according to The Mirror, but we don’t know that for sure, and these things seem to have a habit of dragging on at Arsenal. The French international twisted his right ankle and had to limp out of training earlier today. The lack of covering defenders was highlighted by the fact that the assistant manager Steve Bould had to step in so the players could complete the training session.

The 5 things Arsenal need to end trophy drought!!

The Five Steps to Winning Trophies by Uche

Arsenal has not won a trophy in eight years. If you hate any article, blog or tweet that starts with this annoying statement, chances are that you are a Gunner. In that case, you are welcome. I hate that statement too. So I am not going negative or paranoid today. It is not my style. I am writing in relation to all the Arsenal related transfer rumours that have been doing the rounds.

Why Campbell could be the right replacement for Wenger at Arsenal

Campbell to manage Arsenal? by Stefan

These reports of Sol Campbell possibly managing Arsenal one day sound good to me, so long as Thierry Henry has no intention of getting into management. I always thought it should be one of Arsene Wenger’s former players who should replace him as the manager of the club. If you have a manager who has been in charge for as long as Wenger has I believe the appointment of the next manager is more important than at a club where they throw managers out faster than rotten eggs.