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Why Gervinho should BUTTON IT about Arsenal and Wenger!!

Let’s be honest Arsenal fans and admit that not many, if any, of us could have predicted that the former Arsenal striker Gervinho would have such an impact for his new club Roma in Serie A. We were more than glad to get rid of him last summer and not just because his hairdo was painful to look at, as the short video below showing some of his more memorable pieces of skill will remind you.

How many chances did Gervinho expect at Arsenal?

I was absolutely stunned today to read that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have come in for criticism from the departed Ivorian international striker Gervinho. The 26-year old was allowed to leave for Italy and the Serie A side Roma this summer, when Wenger admitted that his confidence was not likely to return at the Emirates.

The story in the Independent reveals that Gervinho thinks that Wenger should have had more faith in him. In my opinion, and a lot of Arsenal fans feel the same, Gervinho was extremely lucky to get as many chances as he did, and I doubt whether many managers would have been so forgiving of his poor performances.

Wenger admits that Gervinho had lost it at Arsenal

Most of the Arsenal fans had been calling for the Ivorian international Gervinho to be sold and replaced for some time. Arsene Wenger finally agreed with the fans and sold the forward to the Serie A club Roma last week. The problem is, that some fans are unhappy about us selling off Gervinho, not because of his effectiveness for the club, but because we haven’t replaced him.

Wenger has been talking about Gervinho and explaining why he decided to end the 26-year old’s career at Arsenal. It is clear that Wenger still feels that there is plenty of talent inside the players he signed from the French club Lille back in 2011, after his 18 goals the previous season had helped the club lift the Ligue 1 title.

Should Arsenal forget about youth players in domestic cups this year?

Let’s end the Arsenal trophy drought! by AH

Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps our trophy drought may not have gone on for so long if we’d taken the domestic cup competitions of the Capital One Cup (formally known as the Carling Cup) and the FA Cup more seriously?

Arsenal will win trophies if they Believe says Walcott

Will Walcott’s Comments Come into Action? by AH

Despite being just 24-years old, Theo Walcott is now one of Arsenal’s senior players at the club as he looks to enter his 9th successive campaign with Arsenal following his arrival from Southampton in the 2005/2006 season.

It may not seem that long but as a player with that much experience at the club he is now seen as one of the most influential off the pitch.

Walcott has stated that Arsenal’s main ambition is always to compete for the Premier League title however he admits that they do struggle a lot because they don’t realise what they are truly capable of.

Could Arsenal really make a profit on Gervinho?

I had to do a double take when I saw this story in the newspaper this morning, then I checked the date to see if it was April Fool’s Day, although that does not necessarily the story true. Apparently, the Turkish champions Galatasaray want to sign the Arsenal and Ivory Coast forward Gervinho in the summer, and they are willing to pay £12 million for the privilege.

Arsenal paid under £11 million to the French Ligue 1 club Lille for him in July 2011. Gervinho had just scored 18 goals that season as Lille won the French title, but it is fair to say that he has not really replicated his form since coming to the Emirates.

Adam Kemp- Top class Arsenal give hope for future!!

Arsenal triumph 2-0 in Munich but miss out on potential Champions League glory. by Adam Kemp

After Arsenal’s worst performance on the season against Tottenham it took every ounce of me not to sensationalise the defeat by criticising the team. I was confident that the players would reflect on this defeat and finally awaken to the harsh reality facing the club. This group of players has demonstrated that they have the capability to beat anyone, whilst equally they could lose to anyone. Bayern Munich and Bradford are sufficient testament to this belief. All the critics including myself were writing Arsenal off before last night’s game stating that the best they could hope for was a draw. Prior to the match all the talk was about how Arsenal will be able to cope with the power and efficiency of the German’s play. The performance last night was top class and for the first time in a while, I can honestly praise the team for performing well on the big occasion.

Arsenal keeper selection proves Wenger has given up on Europe!

Arsene Wenger is the man who picks the Arsenal squad and starting eleven, and sometimes he makes changes that people don’t agree with. Facing an uphill struggle against Bayern Munich with a 3-1 deficit from the home leg, you can understand that Wenger, being realistic, doesn’t expect Arsenal to progress to the quarter-finals. With his squad selection, however, he has thrown up his arms and given up before a ball is kicked.

Arsenal can make AVB eat his words

Arsenal are in a downward spiral and will struggle to get out of it claims the croaky voiced manager of Tottemham. The defeat at White Hart Lane on Sunday has broken the spirit of the Gunners while Tottenham are sitting on top of the world, apparently. I’m sure that Villas-Boas would love that to be true, but I very much doubt he really believes it. What he is trying to do is boost his players’ confidence more in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last season’s choke by the Spuds.

Arsenal players feel they owe Wenger a trophy!

You can say what you like about Arsene Wenger, and he has certainly come under a lot more criticism this season than ever before, but there is no doubt that he inspires the respect, admiration and gratitude of his Arsenal players. Just last week we saw Jack Wilshere give an emotional post match interview in which you could tell that he was hurt by how much the pressure that Wenger was under and insisted that it was the players that should bear the responsibility for the bad performances and results.

Is it time for Arsenal to give up on Gervinho?

I wrote an article before the Arsenal defeat by Blackburn yesterday, calling for the inclusion of the Ivorian forward Gervinho in the team. My argument was that it was the ideal time for him to get his floundering Arsenal career back on track, and I still think it was. His confidence had been boosted by good performances and goals at the African Cup of Nations, and a home game against lower league opposition should have given him a great chance to show off his skills.

Arsenal not good enough says Wenger

After watching his Arsenal side crash out of another cup competition at the hands of a team from the lower leagues, Arsene Wenger surprised nobody by saying that the Gunners had not been good enough. In other news, Ice is cold and fire is hot, but what the Arsenal fans want to know is, what is Wenger going to do about it?

It was Wenger who decided that there were no players available in January who could have made the Arsenal squad any better, just as he said that there was no point scouting the African Cup of Nations because the best player there was Gervinho who was already a Gunner.