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Hodgson assures Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere that he is Brazil-bound

The England coach Roy Hodgson has assured Arsenal’s very own Jack Wilshere that he will be on the plane to Brazil in June. Hodgson said in a report in the Daily Mail that the squad will include players that got England to the Championship and new faces are unlikely.

He said: ‘Wilshere has been training with the others at Arsenal and, while he is not being thrown back into the fray, he is there. He has been training with the team, as far as I know, for a while.

Arsenal midfielder to be World Cup surprise!

Arsenal fans are getting extremely used to having most of their top players injured for a large part of the season, and young Jack Wilshere seems to miss out more than most, but it now seems that Arsene Wenger is confident that the England international will be fit and ready to go to Brazil for the World Cup.

Although Wilshere’s last injury occurred while playing for his country, Wenger seems keen to see him return to international duty as soon as possible. The Frenchman said: “He is starting to jog this week. I would think two to three weeks,” Wenger was quoted as saying by British media on Sunday.

Brazilian Ederson could be answer to Arsenal striker problem

The Player Arsenal should try to sign by VO

One thing every Arsenal fan agrees on right now is the need for a striker. Since the beginning of the season, we’ve had to rely on our midfielders for goals and you can agree with me that it’s much more reliable to have a firing striker, or at least a dependable substitute. That is lacking at Arsenal presently.

Should Arsenal’s Wilshere and Walcott worry about England careers?

While Arsenal are usually well represented in various international teams, it was odd to see England start the first of two crucial World Cup qualifiers with not one Gunner on the pitch against Montenegro. Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs were on the bench, while Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were unavailable due to injury.

Theo was in the commentary box for the ITV showing of the game, and I wonder if he was a little worried by the debut of Tottenham’s Andros Townsend. Not only did he impress on debut, he created the first goal, scored the best one of the game and was named Man of the Match. And he played exactly where Theo would have done. Arsenal fans have had their fair share of frustration over the years from Walcott, but so have England and the national set-up is much less forgiving.

Napoli to do another Higuain to Arsenal over Gustavo?

It has become clear recently that Arsene Wenger is trying to sign a player to help out in the problem defensive or holding midfield area. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Wenger will be successful in signing somebody, especially now that Napoli are preparing to challenge for Luiz Gustavo from Bayern Munich.

I am beginning to dislike the Serie A club intensely. Rafa Benitez has been spending money like a man with no arms since taking over. If Napoli really do enter the race for the 26-year old Brazilian international, we could find the price rising, just as it did with Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid. Arsenal had agreed a fair price of around £23 million for the striker, but Napoli eventually paid nearly £35 million.

The 3 signings that would give Arsenal title chance!!

Three signings that would make this a good summer for the Arsenal by KJ

Rumours are starting to pick up now and it looks like Arsenal are finally close to getting some business done. In light of all this news, I thought I’d compile a quick list of three key players that would make Arsenal title contenders next season (I will only look at three players that are realistic/confirmed to be sought after by Arsenal):

Will Cesar accept pay cut for Arsenal transfer?

Come to Arsenal and lose money! It sounds hard to resist, doesn’t it? That, apparently, is the tempting offer facing the Brazil international keeper Julio Cesar. After Liverpool agreed to allow their Spanish international keeper Pepe Reina to join the Italian club Napoli on loan for the season, however, Cesar’s options are limited and he may be forced to accept such an offer.

First of all, we need to realise that the main reason that the 33-year old signed for his current club QPR last summer was for the money. So his current wages of £45,000 a week plus bonuses is artificially high. Cesar wants the same from any club he is to join, but after Napoli dropped out, he should realise he might not get it.

Arsenal to finally make their move for Julio Cesar

According to the Daily Mirror, the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is on the verge of making a 1.5 million bid for QPR shot-stopper Julio Cesar.

The Brazilian has been heavily linked with a move to the Emirates since Rangers suffered relegation last term and has clearly stated his desire to stay in London, thus keeping the other London clubs on high alert.

With Chelsea having already brought in Mark Schwarzer from Fulham and Spurs already having two top keepers at the club, it seems as though Arsenal are his most likely destination this summer, assuming of course that he would not be interested in a move to Fulham or West Ham with the Gunners interested.

How To Survive The Transfer Window? – for Arsenal-holics!

End of season survival guide. by Neil S

As the final whistle blew at St James’/LoanShark.com Arena or whatever it’s called this week, many Gooners were looking forward to the new season.

With Ivan pretty much ripping off his shirt and banging his chest about Arsenal’s 70m transfer fund, we had reason to be hopeful.

A few weeks into the ‘dark time’ (also known as the end of season break), some of us got a little more hopeful. Ivan said if we wanted Rooney…we could have him. Money is not an issue etc.

Has Arsenal target Cesar blown his chance?

The transfer of Julio Cesar to Arsenal was almost a done deal in the media just a week or two ago. His current club QPR accepted that he would leave and he was not going to cost all that much, so it should have been done and dusted by now, but no deal has been announced and there is an eerie silence coming from the media.

Arsenal and the Ox to push on for glory

The young Arsenal and England star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is determined to contribute a lot more next season and help the Gunners to end the long trophy drought that is really starting to become an issue for fans and players alike. The talented 19-year old is not a striker, but he knows that his Arsenal return of just two goals last season was well below par for him and he knows he can do a lot better.

What now for Szczesny as Cesar to Arsenal almost certain?

The deal for Julio Cesar to Arsenal looks even closer now as bookies have suspended betting on the 33-year old keeper coming to Arsenal, which usually means there is inside knowledge that it is true. The deal has looked clear cut all along with Cesar saying he will stay in London and Arsenal apparently searching for a new keeper, it has been an obvious transfer deal that hasn’t been discussed so much.