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Arsenal veering from world-beaters to nervous wrecks!

Pantomime or World beaters by TB

In consideration of our recent erratic performances, I have the following observations about the Arsenal:

Arsenal hit Newcastle for seven – Happy New Year!

Arsenal 7 -3 Newcastle, who would’ve thought it? by KJ

What a game. I was there today at the Emirates and I just count myself lucky that I was there to witness another rollicking at the hands of the Arsenal. It was a very tense game until the 70th minute where Theo was the star!

Reading 2 – 5 Arsenal, This is the Arsenal we know and love!

Reading 2 – 5 Arsenal, This is the Arsenal we know and love! by KJ

We’ve finally got some sort of run going. Its 2 wins now in a row in the Premier League. We’ll need to get a run going if we are going to make this season respectable. Fortunately, the boys seemed to understand that today and it was a relatively easy win for the Gunners.

Arsenal linked to a brilliant Brazilian attacking midfielder – Fingers crossed!

Transfer news of the day: Hernanes by KJ

The best of today’s Arsenal transfer rumours report that Lazio’s Hernanes is interested in a move to Arsenal.

I’ve been banging on about Arsenal needing to get a proper attacking midfielder and it looks like Wenger might be looking into that position.

Arsene Wenger rues bad start to Arsenal’s season

Arsenal only gained seven points from their first seven games this season and have spent the rest of the time playing catch-up with the teams at the top of the table. Now that the Gunners have hit a tremendous run of form Wenger just wishes that there were more games so that Arsenal could carry on catching the top two.