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Arsenal don’t need Fabregas? This proves that they do!!

There is a lot of talk about Cesc fabregas and his possible return to Arsenal and the Premier League at the moment. We will have to wait and see if Barcelona really are willing to let the midfielder go this summer . If they do then we will have to see whether Arsene Wenger thinks it is worthwhile spending a good portion of his Arsenal transfer budget on him.

The 6 changes that have transformed Arsenal into title challengers

Differences Between The Current Arsenal & The Old One by OA

I have been thinking of a perfect reason why we are fighting for the real big trophy (epl) this season instead of Arsene’s trophy (4th place) and I realize the following things about the current Arsenal and old Arsenal team:

1. Now: We now know how to win dirty, we play badly but we win games; we play good and we show our true class. Watch Arsenal against Liverpool and Spurs and you will see the real class we displayed.
Before: I think every match which was a bad one we lost. I got angry and when we won I was never happy because we were not predictable since we could win or lose even if we played good football.

Vermaelen going nowhere as Wenger declares he will still be Arsenal captain!!

When it was announced earlier this week that Thomas Vermaelen would miss the Arsenal tour of Asia because of a back injury, it sparked a few conspiracy theories about him really being about to transfer to another club. The same was true of Gervinho and his mystery illness.

This speculation is understandable, as both players have been linked with possible moves away from the Gunners this summer, although for different reasons. With Gervinho, a good percentage of Gooners would not really mind if the Ivorian was sold, but the Verminator is the club captain and a top class defender that nobody wants to see leave, even if he did have a bit of a dodgy season last time around.

Why Vermaelen would be the perfect solution to Arsenal’s DM problem

Vermaelen can be the defensive midfielder Arsenal have been looking for! by Callum

Immediately when Thomas Vermaelen joined Arsenal he was an inspirational signing. I still remember watching that Everton game where we won 6-0 and he scored a header at a close angle from an in-swinging free kick from deep, all I can remember is that this was very unlike Arsenal to do this and score, and I loved it! His performances that season got better and better and we believed we had a truly great centre half which Arsenal fans had been craving for some time. Fast forward a few years, which includes injuries, added competition in the form of Koscielny and Mertsacker, being made club captain and finally struggling for form sees the ‘verminator’ being demoted to the bench.

Vermaelen vows to fight for his place at Arsenal

Vermaelen reiterates desire to stay at Arsenal! by Ash

Club Captain Thomas Vermaelen has had a tricky season this year, as he dropped from a position where he was arguably our best and most important defender, to a spot where he features on the bench far too regularly.

It’s no entirely his fault in my opinion, because although it probably was caused by the on-going pressure from the club captaincy role and the building up of injuries, however it was also largely due to the great improvement and impressive displays of Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker. Despite the decline in form which resulted in the Belgium International being dropped top the bench, he still managed to gather interest from across Europe, showing that it isn’t the last quality we have seen from him.

Arsenal Madness Part 1- £5m for Vermaelen

Somebody is having a right bubble. That is surely the only explanation for the story that Arsenal are prepared, or even eager, to sell our captain to anybody who is willing to cough up £5 million. There about a hundred reasons why this story is ludicrous, but I will just deal with a few of them.

Arsenal must clear the deadwood – but not Vermaelen

Arsenal Must Not Let Our Captain Leave by FD

The media is full of Arsenal transfer speculation at the moment, and the talk of which players might be coming to the Emirates in the summer is exciting for Arsenal fans. For the first time in several seasons we can anticipate the arrival of a footballing star or two, rather than bemoan the likely departure of a favourite player.

Arsenal to replace Vermaelen with Ashley Williams?

The biggest Arsenal transfer rumour going around today is the report in the Sun that Arsene Wenger is willing to unload our latest captain Thomas Vermaelen for a cut-price £5million Pounds. The Belgian international will not be happy that the Gunners went on a ten-game unbeaten run as soon as he was demoted to the bench, and the only time he got a game was when Laurent Koscielny was suspended.

Arsenal originally paid £10m for the Belgian international, but are reportedly willing to take half that this summer, which they will use to bring in the talented Swansea centre-back Ashley Williams, who has been linked with Arsenal for the last few weeks.

Will Arsenal appoint a new captain this summer?

Should Thomas Vermaelen be the Arsenal captain? by SS

My personal opinion is no. Vermaelen is obviously one of Arsenal’s biggest name defenders and he has been in the team for a fair few years now but I personally have never liked him. I have nothing personal against him, I have just never appreciated his defensive skill.

To me, it seems like Vermaelen has been injured for three quarters of his entire Arsenal career and when he does come back, he plays terribly. I can only honestly recall one season where I remember him playing consistently well without injury

Van Persie still thinks he is the Arsenal captain!

Robin is in our dressing room at the moment. Because our food is better in our dressing room than in their dressing room! People who play together for five, six years [get on with each other]. …… Look, at the end of the day we decided to sell him. We are rivals. You want us to make a guard of honour and to respect the champions, then you have to accept as well that respect exists after the game. You want to give absolutely everything during the 90 minutes and after the game you can still talk to each other.

What Arsenal need is a Leader on the pitch

Lack of leadership on the pitch    by MW
We throw names in the hat all season and summer long as to who Arsenal should buy, and i think we are overlooking the blindingly obvious reason we are incapable of winning anything.  The truth is  that we do not have any real leaders out there on the pitch and we havent since the 2005 season.  The team have all the talent in the world and always have done, despite who we have sold, talent-wise we are on a par with any other team in the game full stop.
What we lack is a real leader, a man who opponents fear, a man who is not afraid to rip into his team mates when they are not performing, a man who team-mates look to for inspiration and have to push themselves to match, a man who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck, drive the team forwards and organise and instruct his fellow players and ensure we grind results out.
I for one am sick of seeing a team that have started too many games in second gear with virtually a total lack of communication, then going a goal down early – whilst looking at each other with that  ‘what happened there then’  look slapped accross their mugs, earning us a rep as a  ‘second-half team’  because it takes that long before they finally realise there is a game to win. 
Why is it we fail to produce so often against other top teams. I tell you why, because there is not one man out there on our team who has a clue what it means to be a leader. I am used to the likes of Tony Adams,  Martin Keown,  Sol Campbell,  Lee Dixon,  Patrick Vieira,  Thierry Henry, Jens Lehmann et al,  men that other teams respected out of their sheer will to win and ‘never say die’ attitude, let alone their footballing ability. If we had even a couple of those guys in our present team we would be challenging for titles.  It saddens me to think that Wenger had those players and knew their winning mentality – and the effect that has on a squad – and has failed to bring a true leader thru to take this team on to the next level in 8 seasons.
I couldnt care less if we spent a tenner on some unknown from the bottom tier of English football, if that player could give us the leadership we are  missing. I am convinced the results would be there for all to see. Jack Wilshere has all the potential, but for god sake the boy is still learning his trade. The fact we are all already holding him up as FAC just backs my theory we are really lacking a true leader at present. Its a joke we are depending on a kid – regardless of his undoubted talent, to take this team forwards. We need to address this problem first and get a true leader in, or there is a real danger we will piss away our transfer kitty on all these supposed ‘world class’ players we have been begging wenger for – and yet still be scraping into champs league year on year!
United have Fletcher,  Giggs,  Vidic,  Scholes and remember Roy Keane?  Man City have Kompany and Tevez. Chelsea have Terry, Lampard, Cole and in the recent past players like Makelele and Ballack. These guys are hardly the sort you expect to be lining up year on year for the balon d’or, but they are/were there when the medals are being handed out at the end of the season time and again. To be honest it is easy to pick a player on his footballing ability.  It is something else to identify a player who has that little bit more.
Wenger has done it before with Vieira – I for one am hoping he can find that special someone out there again, until we do, I fear we can forget about winning the big prizes!!!
Matt Webb
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Arsenal’s Verminator-Will he be back?

Thomas Vermaelen has played just once for Arsenal since the devastating derby defeat at Tottenham, and that was only because Per Mertesacker was suspended for the Norwich game. At least the Belgian international has not fallen so far in Arsene Wenger’s estimation that Sebastien `the squid` Squillachi was preferred to him, but there is a growing belief in the football media that Vermaelen could be sold during this summer’s transfer window.