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Arsenal don’t need Fabregas? This proves that they do!!

There is a lot of talk about Cesc fabregas and his possible return to Arsenal and the Premier League at the moment. We will have to wait and see if Barcelona really are willing to let the midfielder go this summer . If they do then we will have to see whether Arsene Wenger thinks it is worthwhile spending a good portion of his Arsenal transfer budget on him.

The 6 changes that have transformed Arsenal into title challengers

Differences Between The Current Arsenal & The Old One by OA

I have been thinking of a perfect reason why we are fighting for the real big trophy (epl) this season instead of Arsene’s trophy (4th place) and I realize the following things about the current Arsenal and old Arsenal team:

Vermaelen going nowhere as Wenger declares he will still be Arsenal captain!!

When it was announced earlier this week that Thomas Vermaelen would miss the Arsenal tour of Asia because of a back injury, it sparked a few conspiracy theories about him really being about to transfer to another club. The same was true of Gervinho and his mystery illness.

Vermaelen vows to fight for his place at Arsenal

Vermaelen reiterates desire to stay at Arsenal! by Ash

Club Captain Thomas Vermaelen has had a tricky season this year, as he dropped from a position where he was arguably our best and most important defender, to a spot where he features on the bench far too regularly.

Arsenal Madness Part 1- £5m for Vermaelen

Somebody is having a right bubble. That is surely the only explanation for the story that Arsenal are prepared, or even eager, to sell our captain to anybody who is willing to cough up £5 million. There about a hundred reasons why this story is ludicrous, but I will just deal with a few of them.

Arsenal must clear the deadwood – but not Vermaelen

Arsenal Must Not Let Our Captain Leave by FD

The media is full of Arsenal transfer speculation at the moment, and the talk of which players might be coming to the Emirates in the summer is exciting for Arsenal fans. For the first time in several seasons we can anticipate the arrival of a footballing star or two, rather than bemoan the likely departure of a favourite player.