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TWO Arsenal Players make Opta-based Team-Of-The-Year (One Surprise!)

Oulala’s points system is the most diverse and advanced fantasy football scoring matrix ever developed thanks to the stats supplied to them by their partners at Opta.

As the season has finally drawn to a close, they decided to check out what the Premier League Team of the Year would look like purely based on Oulala points and Opta stats.

Arsenal MUST control midfield against West Brom! But how?

While Arsenal do not really have anything to play for, Premier League points and position wise, against West Brom at the Emirates stadium today, Arsene Wenger and the players will be very keen to get back to winning ways ahead of the crucial clash against Aston Villa at Wembley next weekend.

Arsenal boss to heed Ramsey transfer warning?

Aaron Ramsey clearly has a very good relationship with Arsene Wenger, as the Arsenal boss has played a huge part in the Welshman’s development and especially helped him on the long road to recovery after that potentially career ending challenge from the Stoke City player Ryan Shawcross.

Why Wenger MUST rotate Arsenal squad NOW!

In a strange way it might turn out to be a good thing that Arsenal have been forced to play our final three Premier League matches in the space of just seven days, especially if it forces Arsene Wenger to rotate his squad when the Gunners play host to relegation threatened Sunderland tomorrow.

Arsenal MUST move Ramsey back to a central role

Why Arsenal Need to Move Ramsey Back To Midfield! by AT

Predictable Man United game highlights Arsenal’s weaknesses

Third looking ever so likely, but there is room for improvement. by KM

When the New Year came around and Arsenal were 6th, you’d think that 3rd place is not too bad. But again you are left with the Arsenal feeling that we could’ve done better. We started the season badly, then we had our usual good spell and we are on course to finish third with a first point at Old Trafford for 6 years.

Arsenal Player ratings for Swansea loss – Alexis MOTM

All of the Arsenal players did pretty well in a game that we dominated against a very determined and disciplined Swansea City, but with some bad luck, poor finishing and one defensive lapse, we lost. But it was Alexis, as usual, that tried his hardest and came closest to getting the goal we needed.

Arsenal boss on REAL reason for new Ramsey role

It has been a little strange for Arsenal fans recently, as we have seen a few changes in the team set up. Not the formation itself, but the players that have been used in certain key positions. And the reasons being Arsene Wenger´s changes to the Arsenal team have been suggested by the man himself this week.