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True Arsenal fans should be celebrating – not moaning!

Stop, with the hate! Celebrate the win! By Byron

This article is dedicated to all of my fellow Gooners. It is the article that should have been written on Cup Final Day……

Thanks to Fatboy again!

Thanks to Fatboy again!

Arsenal are starting to look like the real deal at last!

Things could be looking up! By SB

Arsenal are once again a team. The performance against Stoke showed real cameradery, heart and pride for the mighty cannon. The boys looked like they were willing to fight for each other until the very death, which is what they achieved.

For the first time in a long time, when we scored the whole team joined in for the celebration, although it came with a slice of luck, they knew they thoroughly deserved it. It reminded me of the invincible days when we would score the whole team joined in on the huddle of glory. It brings a tear to a Gooners eye.

Arsenal should celebrate coming in Top Four every year?

Arsenal FC supporters need to celebrate their team right now

At the start of the millennium, Arsenal were competing with Manchester United for the title although Matthew Glazier of FootballTips.com now thinks the fans should be happy to be challenging for a Premier League top four place.

Arsenal aren’t going to win the Premier League this season. They won’t be champions next season or the season after either. These aren’t defeatist statements but simply an honest analysis that the Gunners are no longer equipped to challenge for the title.

Hill-Wood: It doesn’t make sense to put money into Arsenal!

Arsenal board show how out of touch they really are.. by BA.

“It’s not as if we’ve been relegated” said Peter Hill-Wood, showing the average Arsenal fan just how much he cares about being a trophy winning club. Alisher Usmanov and his Red and White group have opened a can of worms by writing an open letter that criticizes Arsenal’s top men for the way they are running the club. Running it into the ground some might say.

Rosicky warns Arsenal not to celebrate just yet

The Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky has just been rewarded with a new contract for his brilliant run of form recently, but he he also talks a lot of sense, which is the reason Wenger wants him to stay at the club.

The 31 year-old understands that the team are celebrating after Arsenal’s fourth comeback win in a row, but he wants to make it clear that there ahould be no parties until the Champions League place is guaranteed for next season.

Fabregas – We won’t have time to celebrate if we win!

Cesc Fabregas has admitted that the fixture list is just so congested at the moment, that Arsenal simply won’t have time to celebrate the Carling Cup (if they win it) and they just need to focus on the next game.

He said in the Sun: “Arsene Wenger treats every game the same whether we are playing Birmingham or Barcelona. And I really hope to be fit for the second one!

“The games are coming so fast at the moment – almost every three days, which means hardly any time to relax or to see our friends and families. We are spending a lot of time in hotels. After tomorrow we play Leyton Orient in the FA Cup and then Barcelona next week.

Let’s raise our glasses to Professor Wenger!

Here I have another Guest Post from the ever-optimistic Emma Uzo, who is a gentleman from Nigeria (sorry about the mistake, at least its understandable!). After his plea to Gooners to start supporting Manuel Almunia yesterday, today he is saying that we should all celebrate having such a mild-mannered professor as the manager of Arsenal. Over to you Mr Emma……