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The 4 players Arsenal need to complete the jigsaw

Who to go for in January by Ben

Is Wenger right to protect Giroud and Szczesny at Arsenal?

When Arsenal finished last season with a win away at Newcastle, the players celebrated like they had won a trophy. In a way, they had according to Arsene Wenger. Whatever the rights and wrongs, you can bet that AVB and Tottenham would have given almost anything to be in our position.

Arsenal should focus transfers on players who really want to come

Welcome back Flamini by Quo Gooner

I am wondering if I am the only Arsenal fan who thinks that Flamini coming back to us could be a blessing in disguise. I was gutted when he left and have always thought we have needed that sort of player for ages. Let us welcome him back and give him a chance to bring a bit of steel into this team.

Were unrealistic transfer targets Arsenal’s big mistake?

Did Arsene aim too high for Arsenal? by Twig

Why are Arsenal linked with average keepers when Cesar is waiting?

Arsenal and the keeper search by Stefan

In the last few days I have written angry articles about certain goalkeepers Arsenal have been linked with. I just don’t understand why we are being linked with average keepers when Julio Cesar is available yet we don’t want him.