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Analysis – Why Arsenal were RIGHT to ignore Song and Fabregas

Arsenal should not have allowed Fabregas to join Chelsea and should have brought back Song – Could this have been possible? By Tinashe Shamuyashe (The Analyzer)

Why this could be just another typical Arsenal transfer window!

Will this be another awful transfer window for Arsenal?! by Blaz

Can Arsenal benefit from lifting of Barcelona ban with Fabregas AND Alexis?

There has not been too much love lost between Arsenal and Barcelona football clubs recently. This was not helped when Arsene Wenger backed the transfer sanction imposed on the Catalan club recently. The prof was then savaged by the Barca supporting papers, being likened to a cattle thief who has preyed on their famous La Masia academy.

Fabregas closer to Arsenal return after fans’ abuse

It can’t be much fun for Cesc Fabregas. The former Arsenal man finally agreed to a dream return to his boyhood club Barcelona a few years ago, something the Arsenal fans grudgingly understood despite the hole it left in the Gunners team, but it has been anything but a dream since then.

No chance of Arsenal letting Wilshere go to Barcelona!

Barca eye yet another Arsenal player by Big Gun

Dear Gooners

Ronaldo and Fabregas say rivals SHOULD be scared of Arsenal with Ozil…

Ozil has made Arsenal a team to be feared! by Ash

£40m+ Ozil transfer convinced this AOB that the future IS bright

Before and during the transfer window, there were many rumours flying around about Arsenal’s financial situation. Some said the board were just pulling the wool over our eyes once again and were lying about how much money we had to spend in the transfer window. (As I pointed out, the finance is public info, so that ridiculous assertion was false.) Others said that there was money indeed, but the board were withholding it from Wenger. Then we had people, like myself, who insisted Wenger was just reluctant to spend it, and would rather just penny pinch his way through the whole window, as he has done before. Lastly there were those who had faith and knew Wenger would spend on the last day. The question though, wasn’t really if he would spend, but on what type of quality.

Relax Arsenal fans – Fabregas will NEVER join Man Utd

Why Fabregas will never go to Man United. by JH

I notice that a lot of Arsenal fans seem to be worried about Cesc going to United, there’s a number of reasons why this will never happen.