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WOW! Stats show not even Barca have the attacking options of Arsenal

We already knew that Arsenal have a squad full of good attacking and creative players. The wealth of forwards available to Arsene Wenger now all our injury problems are on the wane was highlighted this month, as the Frenchman has allowed three strikers in Joel Campbell, Yaya Sanogo and Lukas Podolski to leave the club on loan.

But it is not just our forward players who are a danger to opposing defences, as this stats report by Metro shows. In fact, it shows that nobody can match the Gunners when it comes to scoring options this season, as we have seen more of our players hitting the back of the net than any of our Premier League rivals, as well as the really big guns around Europe.

Has Arsenal boss started another row with Mourinho?

To be fair to Arsene Wenger he could have said a lot more to wind up Jose Mourinho. The Arsenal and Chelsea managers have a long history of falling out, making comments about each other and their respective clubs and even pushing each other around on the touchline, even though they claimed that they had put all their differences aside before the last clash at Stamford Bridge.

A Daily Express report reveals that Wenger has had his own say on the recent diving debate, which has been in all the papers after Mourinho went off on a rant about a perceived campaign against his Chelsea players after Cesc Fabregas was booked for diving.

So will Referees now APOLOGISE to Arsenal?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have been known to have a bit of a moan about the poor decisions by the match officials that go against us. And there are plenty of examples of that. I understand that smaller clubs feel that the bigger clubs get an unfair advantage from the referees and to be fair, it often looks like they are right.

But I don’t think that Arsenal get the same `generous decisions` that we have seen given to Chelsea, Man United and now Man City in recent years. I may be a touch biased of course. But maybe it is because Wenger may complain and point out the bad decisions but he does not go off on one and claim some sort of evil underhand conspiracy is being waged against the Gunners.

Wenger – The League table is very tight!

It doesn’t seem very long ago that Arsene Wenger practically conceded that Chelsea were nailed on to win the Premier League this season, although the Arsenal boss has also often stated that the title race is far from over despite Man City and Jose Mourinho’s men opening up a gap at the top.

Now that the Gunners are only a meagre(!) 15 points behind our London neighbours (and 12 behind City) Wenger has decided to relax his opinion on the state of the title race. He said on the Arsenal official website: “I don’t give importance to the table at the moment,”

What do Arsenal want for Christmas?

Well it is getting close to the end of another calendar year, when Arsenal fans will start to look back at 2014 and see what the year was like for those of the Gooneristic persuasion. All in all you would have to say pretty good, because the muppets in the football media can no longer ask Arsene Wenger and every Arsenal player they interview about da da daaa, `trophy drought`.

The year could have been better as well, of course, with us starting it on top of the Premier League table, but we did at least get in the Champions League again and most clubs would be happy to have a place in that competition as their christmas present.

Is League Cup exit now a blessing for Arsenal?

It is becoming ever more unlikely that Arsenal will be able to mount a serious title challenge in the Premier League this season, failing to capitalise on a first defeat of the season for Chelsea being the latest low point in an already disappointing season.

And with it looking likely that the Gunners will draw another one of Europe’s top clubs like Bayern Munich or Real Madrid in the first knockout phase of the Champions League, our hopes of another trophy seem to rest on the defence of the FA cup. So to say that our early exit from the Capital One cup is a blessing seems strange, I know.

Rival boss reckons Arsenal title challenge is ON! Really?

While it is true that a club’s own fans, with Arsenal no exception, can often see their beloved club and players with rose tinted glasses, especially during a game when we see fouls and bad decisions against us that may not really be there and think our own players are judged too harshly, the opposite can be true as well.

Some of the harshest critics of Arsenal Football Club, Arsene Wenger and individual players are often the Arsenal fans ourselves. So while the media may be praising the Gunners today for the fight, spirit and determination needed to keep pushing a strong Southampton side and grab a last minute winner, a lot of us Gooners think we should have secured the points much earlier.

Wenger – Title race is FAR from over!

Most Arsenal fans and just about every pundit in the world is convinced that no-one can stop Chelsea from winning the Premier League this season, and even Arsene Wenger said that they were practically unstoppable recently.

Le Prof was slammed on this website for giving up so early in the season, and now it seems that he has changed his tune after Sunderland managed to restrict Jose Mourinho’s team to a 0-0 draw this weekend.

Why Arsenal owe Man City thanks for 2 BIG favours!!

Arsenal should thank Man City by Sam P

I know that I am one of the more optimistic fans in the global Arsenal family and I am definitely in the minority here, but I have not yet given up on the Gunners winning the Premier League title. I know that Chelsea looked unstoppable while Arsenal were dropping further and further behind, but last season showed that the lead can change hands quite easily and a good run or bad run of games can have a huge effect.

Why Arsenal fans should NOT give up on EPL title yet!!

Yes I know that Arsenal have not exactly looked like title winners so far this season. And even when we have had a bit of luck or put a few results together, the hoped for momentum has been lost soon after. But although it looks like Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea team, currently 11 points ahead of Arsenal, have got one hand on the Premier League trophy, it is not over yet.

Arsenal set to sign Premier League giant?

Now I know that we are going through a boring international beak, but the latest Arsenal transfer rumour seems like a desperate attempt to fill the back pages of the tabloids.

The Express are reporting that the Gunners are going to bring in the brilliant Petr Cech from Chelsea in January, and the only basis I can see for them to suggest this is because Thibault Courtois said that IF he was Cech he would leave Chelsea to play first team football.

Arsenal should go in for wantaway £19m Real Madrid defender?

If the reports coming out of Spain are true, then Arsenal should already be on the phone to Real Madrid and Arsene Wenger should be ringing up silent Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis to get them to release a bit more money for the January transfer business.

And it is not as if £19 million is all that much anyway, especially when it is for a player like the France international centre back Rafael Varane. But that is what Real Madrid are looking for in order to release the talented young defender, according to a Daily Express report.