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Arsenal beat Chelsea at their own game

Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea Review – A corner turned… by SB

In the end, when it all happened, it looked like it was simply inevitable. The law of averages was bound to catch up with Jose Mourinho at some point but even the most ardent supporters of Arsene Wenger wouldn’t have predicted that this year Community Shield would be that turning point.

Have Arsenal just cleared the final mental hurdle?

I have felt that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have been the target of some unfair criticism from the football media in recent years. We have been an easy target for people like Michael Owen and Adrian Durham who have conveniently ignored all the problems, such as a crippling injury list and not being able to compete financially with all of the clubs around us, that the manager has had to deal with.

Wenger needs to shut Mourinho up once and for all

There’s something in Arsene Wenger and Arsenal that gets Jose Mourinho talking. He loves putting it across Wenger and never stops short of taking potshots at his counterpart.

Arsenal v Chelsea Betting Preview – A serious affair!

Any top gambler will tell you that you should never bet on a “friendly” football match as absolutely anything could happen, but one thing you can be sure of tomorrow is that Arsenal v Chelsea will be anything but friendly, and Arsene Wenger agrees with that!

Wenger happy to take on Arsenal fans’ title expectations

Arsene Wenger has often played down the expectations of the Arsenal fans about our chances of winning the Premier League title. Not that the Frenchman has been saying that his team have no chance, but he has usually been quick to point out that it is a very tough division and that our main rivals for the trophy have been able to outspend us.

Arsenal fans think Mourinho doth protest too much

If you do not understand the reference, I do not blame you as it comes from the great English playwright William Shakespeare and football fans, even in England, are not usually big fans of old Billy boy. It basically means when someone keeps saying something it is clear that they are trying to convince people of something but actually manage the exact opposite.

Wenger not interested in Mourinho’s mind games

The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho loves talking about his accomplishments. And he tries spicing it up with potshots about his opponents, especially if it’s Arsenal! If it involves talking about Arsene Wenger then it energizes the Blues manager all the more.

Predict the Arsenal v Chelsea Score and win an Arsenal Shirt

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