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Jose Mourinho AGREES with the Arsenal Boss for a change!

The annoying Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is usually running Arsene Wenger down in one way or another, but I have finally found a subject that they both agree on. The Arsenal boss has been complaining about the Premier League not delaying the start of the season, so as to give the players enough time to recover.

Arsenal have had to give his World Cup Winners from Germany extra time off to recover from their exertions and this is why Wenger is annoyed. Wenger told Setanta: “We could have done with one week later in all the competitions,”

Full Premier League Preview (Every single club!)


I have tried to be as subjective as possible buts it’s hard when you really dislike certain teams, players and managers. It might interest you that, when I started this review, I had Man City as champions but after some research (and soul searching) I came up with the below. It’s only MY opinion and a bit of fun.

Apologies to fans of Man City, Man Utd, Aston Villa, Leicester and Burnley as I am sure my review will differ from where you think your respective teams will finish.

1. Chelsea

Full analysis of Arsenal’s Premier League fixtures this season

A review of Arsenal’s Premier League fixtures by SE

With just over 48 hours to go for the Premier League season to start, we take a look at how the fixtures stack up for one of this season’s genuine title contenders.

Arsenal kick start their Premier League campaign at home to Crystal Palace, who cantered to finish 11th last season, and will prove to be a stiff test for the Gunners early on in the campaign. Arsenal then face away trips to Everton and the newly promoted Leicester City, to complete their 3 fixtures for August. While Everton away looks to be ‘the’ tough test for Arsenal in August, Crystal Palace and Leicester won’t make it any easier for the Gunners.

Analysis of how Arsenal’s new squad compares to our rivals

How Arsenal’s squad compares to some of its fellow title contenders’? by SE

Arsenal’s squad, owing to Wenger’s astute transfer policy in the ongoing transfer window, looks well endowed to build on their FA Cup win from last May, which ended their 9-year wait for a piece of silverware.

However, here we take a look at Arsenal’s defence, midfield and attack, and how it compares to some of its title contenders:

Arsenal’s defence

Arsenal have the concern over Vermaelen not wishing to renew his contract at the Emirates. And, if the Belgian moves to another club, there’s no clarity over any incoming centre-halves before the transfer window ends.

Why Diaby could be key to Arsenal’s Premier League success!

Yeah, yeah, I know that Arsenal fans have heard the one about getting Abou Diaby back fit being like a new signing is wearing a bit thin now. However, I think that this season may be different for the unlucky France international. In fact, I think that Diaby could play a major part in the Gunners doing better than last season and actually winning the Premier League.

Why 4th place would STILL be good for Arsenal

First of all, I am really looking forward to this season. Arsenal have already done some good business in the transfer window and, hopefully, Arsene Wenger will be adding a few more names to go with the completed transfers of Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy and David Ospina.

With a few less injury problems, I am optimistic that the Gunners will have a really good crack at the Premier League title. I believe we can win it and if not, then another cup success is certainly possible. But at the same time, I think that staying in the top four will be a significant achievement for Arsenal. It will not be easy.

Who is biggest threat to Arsenal being Premier League champions?

With over a month still to go in the summer transfer window, Arsenal have already done some very good business, with David Ospina soon to be confirmed and with Mathieu Debuchy and Alexis Sanchez already done and dusted. Plus, Arsene Wenger and Theo Gazidis have promised us more, so the Gunners will certainly have a stronger squad than last season.

But of course, all of the other Premier League teams will be trying to improve as well, so will Arsenal be able to improve on our fourth place finish? Not according to Michael Owen, but who listens to that biased midget anyway. Arsenal fans will certainly be hoping and believing that we can win the title this time, but who will provide the biggest threat?

Why I’m happy that Mourinho keeps digging at Arsenal!

First of all Arsenal fans, do not ever make the mistake of thinking that anything Jose Mourinho says about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal is not calculated to get under the skin. We know that the Portuguese manager has had a personal issue with our Frenchman, going back to when he first arrived in the Premier League.

Wenger and Mourinho tried to say it was behind them last season, right before it all flared up again. The Chelsea boss will do anything to win, with all his talk of doing things the right way. This is the man who would stoop to sticking his finger in the eye of someone from the opposing side and make up stories about referees going into the opposing manager’s room at halftime.

Fantastic Arsenal transfer news on Khedira, Vidal and more!

For quite a while now, it has not been the easiest job in the world to be an Arsenal fan. Not only have we had to endure the club’s slide from the pinnacle of becoming the only team not to lose a single game in a Premier League season, but have had to bite our tongues as the fans of our rivals take the mickey.

And they have had good reason. Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool and Man City have all been able to make fun of Arsenal in recent years, which makes it all the more sweet when us Gooners have good reason for laughing at them. So here are some nice little morsels for you, Arsenal fans, from the recent transfer rumours.

Arsenal get HELP from early TV schedule! Is the luck turning?

There is little doubt that Arsenal were on the wrong end of some terrible luck last season. I am not blaming our bad luck for everything, of course, as there seems to have been a definite underlying problem for the Gunners to have had so many injury problems throughout the season.

And I am not going to go on about the referees again, suffice it to say that I did not feel that we had the rub of the green from the men in black. Arsenal’s bad luck extended to the the cup draws and the TV scheduling as well, which always seemed to pit the Gunners against the toughest possible opponents at the worst possible times.

Kalou transfer to Arsenal? Not at that price!!

According to the latest rumblings from the Arsenal transfer rumour mill, Arsene Wenger is still interested in the former Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou. But the likelihood of the Ivory Coast international coming back to the Premier League with Arsenal this summer, has just got a lot smaller, as we have been told that his price has doubled.

The Daily Star reports that his French club Lille have slapped a £5 million transfer fee on the 28-year old, despite their being a release clause in his contract that meant he was available for half that amount in the last transfer window. Here is where it gets fishy, in my opinion.

Is Mourinho right about Arsenal’s poor handling of Ozil?

First of all, Arsenal fans, I want to put my point across that I do not like or trust Jose Mourinho. Everything that the Chelsea boss says, especially when it concerns Arsenal, Arsene Wenger or any of the players should be taken with as much salt as you can stomach. But that is my opinion and I know from many comments on this site that many of you do not agree with me about Maureen.