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Bergkamp wants to coach Arsenal – Sign him up!!

Because he has been the manager of Arsenal for 17 years now, Arsene Wenger knows most of the former players who are still working in football in one capacity or another. The Frenchman has always seemed to be keen on the old bootroom philosophy, in which former Gunners have stayed at the club or returned to it to work as coaches, academy directors or managers.

Thierry to come back to Arsenal as coach

Thierry Henry has legs like sticks of rock. If you cut one of them in cross section you would see the word Arsenal running through them. The French striker was talking about the Gunners earlier this month and admitted that Arsenal were the team he follows in his heart. It looked for a while that the 35-year old could be about to have a third spell with the club, but it never happened, despite him training with the players for a while.

Bergkamp was snubbed as Arsenal coach says Wright

Former Arsenal player and goal scorer extraordinaire, Ian Wright, has claimed that another Gunners legend, Dennis Bergkamp, wanted to come to the Emirates as a coach but was turned down by Arsene Wenger. Wright also called for the resignation of some board members and a move to bring David Dein back to the club.

Wright was as shocked as the rest of us by the defeat, and the manner of it, by Bradford last night, and he believes that enough is enough and some drastic changes should be made. The former striker also seems to have joined the growing ranks of Gooners who have lost faith in Wenger and his ability to turn the poor current form around.