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Which two Arsenal stars make Zidane’s best Premier League XI?

Arsenal fans may be a bit miffed to hear that only two players from Arsenal have been included in the all-time Premier League team picked by the football legend that is Zinedine Zidane, but it could be worse. Our north London rivals Tottenham do not have a single place and neither do the big spending Man City.

How Arsenal can exploit West Ham´s injury problems

First of all, I have to make it clear that Arsenal, as usual, are facing more injury problems than our next opponents. I cannot remember a game this season where that has not been the case but it has become so regular for the Gunners that we have just go used to it.

Has Arsenal left back got a raw deal from England?

The Curious Case of Keiran Gibbs by Buster

Justarsenal.com Kieran GibbsKieran Gibbs has quietly become one of Arsenal’s most important and reliable players in recent seasons, a fact that was made painfully apparent after Nacho Monreal’s dodgy performances against Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Blessed with great pace that has terrorized many Premier League defenses going forward and a work ethic that has seen his defensive game improve immeasurably, Gibbs has matured into a genuine all-round full back. And, at just 24 years old, he looks set to be a permanent fixture in the Arsenal back line for some years to come.

Arsenal fans do NOT want Rvp or Cole back! Maybe Cesc….

The return of the unwanted rivals? by Ash

Although the transfer window has shut down permanently for this season and will not re-open again until a few weeks after Arsenal have potentially had their celebratory Premier League winners’ open bus parade, but the transfer speculation is already in full swing. The news is so surprising that it has to be shared with Arsenal fans because this really would be one massive shock if it happened.

Arsenal boss in little dig at Mourinho over Cole snub

Compared to what they were like before, the Arsenal and Chelsea managers are acting like best buddies this time around. But anyone who believes the public insistence that their is no personal rivalry between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho would probably believe that, if you check your dictionary, you will find no such word as gullible in there.

Look out Chelsea, Arsenal are still confident – says Wenger

There has been quite a lot of concern among Arsenal fans after the Gunners endured their worst week of the season so far. We always knew that the three tough games in just six days were going to be difficult, but everyone was expecting more than just a draw against Everton and defeats against Napoli and Man City.

Good news for Arsenal as rivals picking up injuries

I know a lot of Arsenal fans will say that we shouldn’t be hoping for or relying on problems for our Premier League rivals to help us in the bid to claim the Premier League title. But the fact is, the more the likes of Chelsea and Man City struggle, the better chance Arsenal have of winning.