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Is Podolski hinting his Arsenal career is over?!?

Maybe I am reading too much into the recent statement made by the Arsenal and Germany striker Lukas Podolski. But I have got used to trying to read between the lines of what football players and managers say, especially when there is a transfer window on the horizon.

Podolski leaves no doubt that he is staying at Arsenal

To be fair to Lukas Podolski, he has never suggested that he is not happy at Arsenal, or given any sign that he wants to move to another club. On the contrary, he generally looks like he has been having the time of his life since joining the Gunners from Cologne last summer. If you don’t believe me, look on Arsenal.com at all the pictures from the training sessions. He looks as happy as a pig in a place where pigs are happy.

Podolski happy at Arsenal despite being benched

There have been many rumours this morning saying that Lukas Podolski may be leaving Arsenal in the summer as he seems to be frozen out of the first team, despite scoring in his last appearance against Bayern Munich, but the German international has now spoken out to say he is happy to wait for Wenger to choose when to play him.

Podolski flattered by Juventus but happy at Arsenal

Lukas Podolski may not have set the scoring statistics alight since joining Arsenal from Cologne in the summer, but he has almost always operated on the left side of a front three. The German international striker has scored some very good and very important goals for the Gunners, and provided lots of assists. His performances have added quality to the side both in attack as well as tracking back to help the left back out in defence.

Podolski can power Arsenal up the league

Lukas Podolski has not always been an effectual player for Arsenal since joining from Cologne in the summer, but when he has been, the Gunners have been a much better side. The German gives the attack a great balance, and when he workd hard, he combines to great effect with Kieran Gibbs and helps the midfield and defence last night.

Arsenal is Perfect for Podolski

When Arsenal signed Lukas Podolski early in the summer, it was a great boost for fans of the club, mainly due to the German striker’s reputation and international record, but there were some doubts about his time at Bayern Munich and whether he could adapt to playing at the top level in the English Premier league.

Arsenal has made Podolski better says Germany boss

Not many players get 100 international caps, especially for a successful country like Germany, but the new Arsenal striker and left winger Lukas Podolski got his at Euro 2012 and is likely to get many more before his international career comes to an end.

Podolski wants to be an Arsenal legend

Arsenal’s German international striker Lukas Podolski has settled in to life as a Gunner in astonishing fashion. At 27-years old, Podolski has a good few years of football at the peak of his powers and, from what he says, Arsenal will get the benefit of all of those years.