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Arsenal will still play a very strong team against Zagreb

Stop worrying! Arsenal are fine! by Sam P

You would think Arsenal had lost their last five games if you listened to the ranting going on in Arsenal blogs over the last few days. The fact is that we totally dominated West Brom and the rub of the green was just against us on the day. Nine out of ten times we would have won that game if we played to that quality.

No injured players back for Arsenal – Coquelin in crutches!

There is nothing but bad news and bad luck for Arsenal and their fans at the moment. The injuries are piling up, and now that Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta have joined the ranks of the walking wounded we really are down to the bare bones of the squad.

Why Flamini’s the man to get Arsenal over this blip

To be perfectly plain, Arsenal do not have a lot of options about who to bring into the starting line up to replace the newly injured Arsenal players Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin, so the French midfielder was always going to get the job anyway, but I do feel that Mathieu Flamini could be the ideal player to step in and help the Gunners to steady the ship after the setback of losing to West Brom.

In defence of under fire Arsenal captain! No really!

I know that the name of Mikel Arteta is not exactly flavour of the month with Arsenal fans right now and to be honest the Spaniard would probably agree that the away game with West Brom this weekend was a real low point in his career, but I am going to defend him anyway.

WBA v Arsenal – A perfect nightmare for Wenger may yet get worse!

What else could go wrong for Arsenal? by DN

We may have had an awful day today, but the worst is yet to come when we find out the result of the scan on Francis Coquelin’s knee tomorrow or Monday. He, for sure, will not be playing on Tuesday and probably nor will his backup Arteta after he got a calf strain.