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Tactics – Why Arsenal will NOT buy a Defensive Midfielder

The Holding Midfielder transfer by TJ

The discussion about Vidal and the holding midfielder role has centered around being an upgrade to Coquelin…but I think it fails to recognise one important point. Aaron Ramsey is the equivalent to Vidal in many respects and maybe/perhaps Vidal just shades him…but Vidal is not a big quality step-up over Ramsey.

Why Jack Wilshere is NOT the answer to Arsenal’s DM question

Why a DM IS a priority by Big Gun

Why would Arsenal be interested in Vidal???

The one complaint every Arsenal supporter had with Arsene Wenger over the years is that there are no superstar signings. Of course, the lack of trophies that dried up over the recent past also frustrates the supporters. We’ll come to that later.
Back to the ‘lack of super stars’; whenever there is a chance to sign a proven star, Wenger gives it a pass. The North London side was so focused on nurturing young talent that they put the trophy ambitions on the back burner.

This is why Wenger prefers Vidal to Schneiderlin – Tactical Intelligence!

The Revolution of the Deeper Role. The birth of Intelligence‏. By Galen.

Mathieu Flamini left Arsenal for Milan in 2008. We are now in 2015 and we have been having the same debate for the last 7 years. We want a defensive midfielder. I can’t remember a summer passing without us analysing this position. Last summer we spent £16m on Chambers but the plea for a DM was ignored. So what is Mr Wenger thinking?

On Arsenal legend´s birthday, Henry talks up ‘new Vieira’

There have been various players that Arsene Wenger has turned to in an attempt to fill the very large gap left in the Arsenal side when our midfield star and captain Patrick Vieira left the club for Serie A and Juventus after scoring the penalty that handed the Gunners the last trophy that we were to celebrate for nine long years.

Arsenal has a BIG Le Coq problem but Wenger’s on top of it!

Why Arsene has got a massive Coq problem! But he may just have the solution for Arsenal….

Arsene has a problem – it’s big and delicate but it is the envy of many a manager in the EPL. Yes you guessed it, it is Coquelin and his rise in stature during the back end of last season.

Forget a new striker – Arsenal’s defence will win us the title


Hello everyone. It seems like every week, we lose one of our supposed transfer targets. Paolo Dybala chose Juventus and Jackson Martinez is off to Milan. But I don’t know if I am the only one who isn’t really troubled by any of this.

How did Wenger miss Coquelin’s great talent until now?

One of the biggest revelations for Arsenal this season was the lucky break of bringing Francis Coquelin back from his loan period at Charlton. He was understandably worried that he would just be a bench-warmer, as he has been for most of his Arsenal career, and it still took a while before Arsene Wenger became confident of playing him in the first team.