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How secure is Arsenal’s Champions League place?

Arsene Wenger might be saying that Arsenal are still fighting for the Premier League title, but who really believes him? We do still have a chance of catching and finishing above our north London rivals Tottenham, which would be nice but not really all that important in the grand scheme of things other than keeping our long held bragging rights over the spuds.

Wenger is happy with “absolutely fantastic” Arsenal away form

At least someone is happy! by DN

Arsenal fans may not be happy that the Gunners have dropped five points in two games at home, but as usual Wenger likes to focus on the positives, like getting six points out of six on the road!

So why did Arsenal not try again for Cabaye transfer?

It is hard to argue too much with the comments from Alan Pardew about Arsenal this week. After all the current Crystal Palace manager was in charge of Newcastle United back in August of 2013 when Arsene Wenger reportedly place a transfer bid of around £10 million for the central midfielder.

C. Palace v Arsenal – Wenger trying to be calm ahead of crucial clash

If Arsene Wenger reads papers and heeds to Arsenal supporters, the last week would have been quite tiresome. After the opening game loss to West Ham United, there were all sorts of news for Wenger – advice on formation, players, whom to purchase, everything!

Is tougher Premier League bad news for Arsenal?

In the build up to Arsenal´s second league game of the season this weekend, and with last weekend´s defeat to West Ham surely in his mind, Arsene Wenger has suggested that the fight for the Premier League trophy is likely to be even harder than usual, prompting the question whether this would help of hinder Arsenal´s chances.

Where was Arsenal’s spirit and desire?

Reality kicks in by DS

If there is one positive from last Sunday it was Wenger’s honest appraisal of just how bad Arsenal were. Some managers, including Arsene, would’ve put it down to just one of those days. On another day Peter Cech doesn’t have his worst ever Premiership game, most of the time Sanchez is fit, and mostly Arsenal would have more to show for 20 plus shots.

Rock bottom! But adversity CAN inspire Arsenal

Relax! Arsenal often play better in adversity! by DN

Well after seeing how badly Arsenal handled the expectation today we can only hope that we deal with adversity a lot better. All that confidence and momentum, instead of inspiring the Arsenal players to a good start seemed to be like an anchor dragging them back in the first Premier League game of the season against West Ham.

Is there anything Arsenal´s Cazorla CANNOT do?

Although Arsenal were not at our flowing and fluent best away to Crystal Palace on Saturday, we did manage to hold on for the winner and there were some impressive performances from the battling Gunners. I personally would have given the Man of the Match award to Santi Cazorla, although I can see why our own KJ gave it to Welbeck and others like the Daily Mail gave it to Olivier Giroud.