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Rock bottom! But adversity CAN inspire Arsenal

Relax! Arsenal often play better in adversity! by DN

Well after seeing how badly Arsenal handled the expectation today we can only hope that we deal with adversity a lot better. All that confidence and momentum, instead of inspiring the Arsenal players to a good start seemed to be like an anchor dragging them back in the first Premier League game of the season against West Ham.

Is there anything ArsenalĀ“s Cazorla CANNOT do?

Although Arsenal were not at our flowing and fluent best away to Crystal Palace on Saturday, we did manage to hold on for the winner and there were some impressive performances from the battling Gunners. I personally would have given the Man of the Match award to Santi Cazorla, although I can see why our own KJ gave it to Welbeck and others like the Daily Mail gave it to Olivier Giroud.

Wenger highlights THREE reasons for Arsenal win!

A win was all important for Arsenal this weekend as we head back into the Champions League, with the first of two games against French club Monaco at the Emirates on Wednesday. As things turned out with Man United and Southampton it would not have been quite such a disaster if we had failed to win but we are now firmly in third place and that should give us an extra boost this week.

Arsenal dodged BIG bullet and WILL beat Monaco!

Arsenal thoughts on the weekend by Sam P

Relief was the overwhelming sensation sweeping through Arsenal fans, the players and Arsene Wenger when Mark Clattenburg blew the final whistle at Selhurst Park on Saturday. The important thing was that all three points were heading to north London, but then there was quite a bit of concern from Arsenal fans that we had been hanging on and were lucky to get the win against a team we should easily beat.

Wenger agrees that Arsenal were lucky against Palace

This is becoming so regular it is becoming monotonous for Arsenal fans. The Gunners fly into a comfortable lead, try to defend, then end up conceding one and fighting like madmen to try to stop the equalizer. This is exactly what happened yesterday against Crystal Palace and we got our lucky break when our opponents hit the post instead of scoring in the dying seconds.