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Why Arsenal MUST reinforce – AND win a trophy this season

The longer it takes, the more difficult it will be! By JL

In my last article, I tried to point out that quality signings MIGHT not arrive at the Emirates and Arsene COULD subsequently depart the Emirates. I hate this feeling but I can’t help but to think our suffering days are very much with us. Each time I try to have some rest, Arsenal thoughts are the most I seem to be able to manage. Today, deep in thoughts, BAM! The fear of going down. . . NO, we can’t!!!

Arsenal Debate – Is Wenger really in decline?

The myth of the decline of Wenger. By CI

Unlike many fans on the Just Arsenal website I am very pro Wenger. He has stuck with this club through thick and thin. When his best players, which he created, were leaving, when (and even now) we were having strong financial constraints. Would you really expect Wenger to willingly sell his best players and not replace them adequately? This is wholly down to the board, while Wenger has openly taken flak for something which I don’t believe is his fault. And I’m not surprised he hasn’t quit because of this pressure from the anti Wenger brigade. Seeing fans even fighting over his future, quite literally as seen in the game against Brighton.

We want pride not profit – Arsenal PLC treat the fans with contempt

The facts about Arsenal’s decline since 2006 by William Patey

Well the debate goes on. Should Wenger go? should the board go?, should Arsenal buy more experienced players?, should we increase our wage restrictions?. Everyone has an opinion and as fans we all want what is best for our team and club. Me personally I am at a stage where I do not know anymore what can be done to turn this club around. Wenger is a great manager, he has proved that but in the last eight seasons he has been unable to present a team who can win trophies. Yes we have great individual players who can win trophies, but unfortunately not with us. So is it the players fault? We can all speculate and give our opinions which we always believe to be right, put forward what we believe should be done or should have been done on forums like this, but what I want to say is this……….

What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

Arsenal in Decline by MG

There is no doubt, unless you are the ultimate optimist, that Arsenal FC is in a downward spiral.

This decline started with the sale of Thierry Henry, for a pittance, and the failure of the manager and Board to replace him with another first class striker.

Since that time the club has sold their best six players and replaced them with two first class players, Santi Cazorla, Thomas Vermalen and one good forward in Lucas Podolski.

Arsene Wenger needs to be open to change

Try Something New! by GP

Happy New year to you all

I watched the Newcastle game with anticipation, anger at the defence, pride in our persistence to keep scoring, and finally relief that we managed to win and still have a game in hand.

The performance at Southampton disappointed me because it just highlights the facts.

Much as some of us try to think positive, the performances remind us that we are a million miles from where we would like to be.

Arsene Wenger revolutionised English football but in my opinion, his refusal to believe he could learn from others has been his and our down fall.