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FOUR things Arsenal need to REALLY compete in Champions League

I suppose I should say that there are five things that Arsenal need to compete in the Champions League, because first of all we have to qualify for next season and even though we are looking good to do so for the 18th season in a row, there could still be some twists and turns in the final nine Premier League games.

Should Arsenal consider playing 3-4-4 formation?

When Arsene Wenger first took over as the new manager of Arsenal Football Club over 18 years ago, the Frenchman was not very well known but he soon became known around the world for his innovative ideas, both on and off the pitch. And it is safe to say that most of the football world has taken on board all the nutritional and behind the scenes stuff.

Flamini – Arsenal need to defend as a team – Hmm….

There have been some strange mutterings from Matthieu Flamini this week, especially as he came on the pitch against Anderlecht just in time to see Arsenal’s worst defensive display of the season so far! I guess could be putting forward that th team needs to defend as a whole to ry and delect criticism against him and his fellow defenders.

Arsenal fans need to remain patient in difficult times….

Arsenal’s new Promised Land? by SB

So the new era, the new dawn began. A phase in the club where Arsenal was supposed to have more than enough cash to bring in top quality players, win cups and league, grow and consolidate our fan base, reach the glorious summit of world football.

Wenger needs to accept the blame and resign from Arsenal!

Wenger has to go, this is just unacceptable! by KM

What happened to Arsenal yesterday is just ridiculous. Will the manager come out and take the blame? No of course not! Will he be sacked? No of course not. Will he learn his lesson? No of course not!

Wenger blames Arsenal defence (and bad luck) for blowing 3-goal lead

Arsenal were woeful in the second half of last night’s 3-3 draw with minnows Anderlecht at the Emirates, and can you believe that Arsene Wenger is blaming the defence for letting the goals in?