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The ROT started when the Arsenal Board sacked Dein!

Here we all are again biting chunks out of each other, rowing and bemoaning the abysmal performance and the state of Arsenal FC in general, as well as arguing and taking various sides regarding the “should Wenger stay- should he go” scenario. It really is a little more simple than most of us are willing to admit – and unfortunately its rather grim to consider.

Wenger to move upstairs and do a `Dein` for Arsenal?

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the future of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal in the last few years, but it seems like it is about to be resolved. And once his management stint is over, the longest serving manager in the Premier League is set for a new role with the club.

After last season’s struggles saw Wenger’s position become as precarious as it has been since the Frenchman took over the reins of the Gunners in 1996, he is now widely admired again and, according to a report in the Mirror, is set to be handed a two year extension to his current deal that runs out in the summer.

Fans to blame for Arsenal’s terrible transfer window?

It’s OUR fault Wenger and Arsenal Board won’t sign any players by Martin

I’ve only been a member of this site for a few weeks now, to be honest I wish I had never bothered. I’ve have been slated for being an arsenal supporter for the last few years and I laughed it off that things will come good, our team is growing and we WILL win the title once again.

Wenger should NOT take all the blame for Arsenal’s troubles

An outline of the board’s view of how to run Arsenal F.C by MJ

I have noticed people still feel that Wenger is the one to blame for Arsenal’s complete and utter failure in the transfer market. I must clarify straight away I am not what can be labelled an ‘AKB’ in fact far from it. For the last 2-3 years I have felt that Wenger has lost touch with the modern game of football. However, I do feel many of you are overlooking the ‘business model’ that has been put in place at Arsenal. Clubs are run solely by a few men in suits sat round a rather large table, in which they discuss how they wish the club to be run. They discuss all the possible routes the club can take, how to make the money and how to spend it.

Something is Rotten in the state of Arsenal FC

What is the problem? by Big Gun

Dear Arsenal fans, What a testing time it is at the moment to be a gooner. I have just finished watching a few of the fans reactions after the game, and well I think it is safe to say that the majority of us are waking up to the fact that the board and even Arsene Wenger do not necessarily have ours and the players best interests at heart. Yes, many of us saw this coming over two seasons ago, especially after all our best players had been sold and replaced with inferior quality. Alarm bells should have rung then already, but due to what Arsene had achieved prior to that, it was a difficult thought for most to process and act upon. Who would have thought that a manager capable of building a team such as the Invincibles, would decline to such a state where fans were calling for his head? I think the answer can be summed up in one name. David Dein.

Suarez fiasco to be the end of Arsenal’s transfer business?

If we don’t get Suarez, Wenger will have faith with what we’ve got right now by Scott M

Hi Gooners, After a long horrible 2 months in the transfer window so far, I’ve decided to think about the reality, the most likely possibility that If we don’t get Suarez, (which I’m sure we won’t), then Wenger will stick to the strikers we have right now till at least January. Now I know there are other names floating around for the strikers positions, but I can’t see AW signing any of them as he will believe and feel they won’t really improve our squad and their prices will be too high for the quality that they possess on the football pitch.

Wenger WILL lead Arsenal to glory say Dein and Gazidis

This summer transfer window and the season that follows it could be the start of another successful era for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. The fans are waiting expectantly for some big name signings and some desperately needed silverware next season, but there is a certain amount of doubt and anxiety as well.

Proof Arsenal are still attractive to `Top` players

Three Top Strikers who want to play for Arsenal by FD

In the wake of some less than cheerful news about yet another Arsenal player contemplating a move away from the Emirates, it’s time to focus on the positive. To be fair, I don’t believe Laurent Koscielny actually said he wanted away – rather he was voicing his desire that Arsenal should bring in some top class players and seriously challenge for trophies. If they don’t he’ll want away. I suppose nobody can blame him for that, although it’s interesting the way reports of an impending offer from Bayern Munich can do wonders to embolden a hitherto shy and reticent player.

David Dein believes that Wenger is still the right man for Arsenal

Dein supports Wenger to improve Arsenal this summer by PH

The ex-Arsenal director David Dein, who worked so well in tandem with Arsene Wenger before he was relieved of his duties by the Board, has revealed that he still believes Arsene is the right man to lead the Gunners to success, or at least to enable them to challenge the Big Three for a few trophies.

He also believes that Wenger is aware of the distance between Arsenal and Man United and will do something to redress the situation this summer. Dein said: “It’s a long hard season and I am a great supporter of Arsene Wenger as you can imagine.

Seaman worried about Arsenal but Dein confident of spending plans

There are lots of interesting quotes about Arsenal flying around this morning and one of them is from the Gunners legendary goalkeeper David Seaman, who thinks that Arsenal are in a great run of form, but worries that they may not be able to perform consistently enough with this batch of players that are changed every year.

Seaman remembers the good old times when Arsenal were always title challengers. He said: “Almost every year we were winning things. I have got nine winners’ medals and quite a few runners-up ones as well and to see what is happening now is so frustrating,”

How Arsenal CAN and MUST defend better!

Arsenal must sort out the defence by JG

The big debate now is the problems with our defence, after a demoralising performance in Europe, in this portion of our team.

Vermailen does not suddenly become a bad player, and you do not play for Germany over 40 times and remain first choice, as Mertesacker has by being a poor player. Koscielny has also played well for us in the past, and has great speed of foot and mind. The whole problem is the protection of the back four and confidence in the whole defensive regime.

What Arsenal MUST do to become GREAT again

Forgotten Heroes : Solutions to Arsenal’s woes by MLH

Arsene Wenger, the man who created “The Arsenal Invincibles”, but it wasn’t only him. We should not forget David Dein, a fine man and a guy who had an eagle eye for talent. It was him who brought in Dennis Bergkamp, the guy who was the catalyst for Arsenal’s success, and with Wenger he brought in Viera, Pires, Henry, Van Persie, Fabregas, etc.