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Nicklas Bendtner will only move to a Champions League side

There was much discussion about what three conditions Nicklas Bendtner put on any club that came in to buy him from Arsenal, in fact we had a few humourous predictions made on JustArsenal yesterday in this post.

So obviously this got the journalists thinking and it was only a matter of time before someone tracked him down to get clarification of his demands and it looks like Sky Sports got in first.

The first and foremost demand is that the club must be playing in the Champions League and also that he must be in commuting distance to London so he can visit his son regularly.

Nicklas Bendtner’s ego hinders transfer talks?

Bendtner has his offers by AH

Niklas Bendtner has revealed that he has rejected several offers from other clubs, despite not wanting to stay at Arsenal either.

The Danish striker spent last season on-loan at Premier League club Sunderland, and the striker vowed that he wouldn’t return and play for Arsenal ever again. The striker has returned to training with the club, however he has admitted that both the club and Bendtner himself understand, that the best way forward is to part ways.

Bendtner told sporten.dk; “Arsenal is not an option and that is something both the club and I agree on,”

Gallas – Wenger made a big mistake by letting me go

The French defender William Gallas was allowed to leave the Emirates last summer when Arsene Wenger tried to half his wages once he had surpassed the ‘magic’ age of 30, but Gallas has made a mockery of his decision by making some fantastic performances for Tottenham this season.

Harry Redknapp has been so impressed that he has rewarded Gallas with yet another two-year contract at 33 years-of-age. Gallas believes that Arsenal should have tried harder to keep him (and his winning experience) in the Gunners young side.

Gallas said: “People can finally see it was too early to say all Arsenal’s problems came from William Gallas.

Why Vela didn’t go to Bolton, despite the deal being agreed….

The news broke yesterday in all the Arsenal Blogs that Carlos Vela was set to follow in the footsteps of Jack Wilshere by spending the second half of the season playing at Bolton under Owen Coyle, but, despite an agreement in place and ready to sign, Vela eventually ended up signing for West Brom.

Well today the Bolton News has revealed that once the loan amount had been agreed between Arsenal and Bolton, suddenly Vela’s agent, Eduardo Hernández, decided that he wanted a much bigger arrangement fee than originally asked for, and the Bolton management basically told him to get stuffed!

Hill-Wood – Gallas demands too much from Arsenal!

The Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has been negotiating with William Gallas over a new contract, and says that the French defenders demands are “extravagant”. It is believed that Gallas wants a two-year contract and £80,000 a week, but Hill-Wood refuses to be held to ransom.

“His demands are quite extravagant and I don’t think we are prepared to go along with it.

“We would very much like him to stay, but I think for one year, and not on the money he wants.

“He is a good player, but you have got to draw the line somewhere.