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The importance of clearing the Arsenal deadwood is huge

Your time is up! by AH

Brazilian gives Wenger and Arsenal transfer boost

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans are starting to get anxious about the lack of firm action in the transfer market so far this summer. With lots of teams with lots of money all competing for a limited number of quality players, however, transfers are not as easily completed as we think. I share the frustration, but also feel that Arsene Wenger and his staff will be doing everything possible to make the Gunners able to fight for top honours once the season begins.

3 Arsenal deadwoods to pay Rooney’s wages?

It shows just what a drag factor Arsenal have been experiencing when you think about it. Andrey Arshavin and Sebastien Squillaci are finally out of contract this summer, while the Brazilian midfielder Denilson has agreed to terminate his Arsenal career by mutual consent. Apparently the three weekly wage bills were costing the club £85,000, £60,000 and £45,000 per week.

Denilson 1st of the dead wood out of Arsenal

Arsenal are hoping to part company with quite a few of the players us fans term, perhaps a bit harshly, as dead wood. Along with the relaxing of the financial spending restrictions brought about by the building of the Emirates stadium and the self-financing policy of the club, the extra money available for not paying all these unnecessary salaries will hopefully set the Gunners off on a much more prosperous and successful future.

Arsenal lumbered with more dead wood?

One of the big problems for Arsenal in recent years has been the number of players drawing nice, big salaries from the club and offering nothing on the pitch. Arsene Wenger and the club officials obviously don’t plan for this to happen, but it is a serious drain on the expenses, while at the same time driving your average Gooner up the wall and through the roof.