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Could Suarez still force Liverpool to sell him to Arsenal? Or anyone?

Has Suarez made us Non- Negotiable? by Dan S

Luis Suarez knew what he was doing earlier this week when he agreed to do an interview with two leading newspapers, his plan was once he had finished talking his position at Liverpool would be untenable, he wanted to leave his club in no doubt that no matter what reception he received in Gerard’s testimonial, whatever advice his captain offers or however much Brendan Rodgers sucks up to him, there would be no change of mind. The conclusion was for the first time in this saga it is safe to say 100 per cent Suarez will never play for Liverpool again.

A comedy of errors sends Arsenal out of the FA Cup

Arsenal 0 – 1 Blackburn, how did this happen? BY kj

I’m still in disarray after that result. How did we manage to get knocked out in both domestic cup competitions against lower league opposition?

We started the game off sluggishly and were just playing safe passes in the neutral areas of the pitch. We didn’t really need to push the game at that point and concede a silly early goal. However, we struggled throughout the half to create anything and it was frankly quite worrying. Gervinho missed such an easy chance that again there was massive questions over what he actually offers Arsenal. Giroud was anonymous and Chamberlain was making a lot of wrong decisions.

Sagna – Cesc can leave, Arsenal are embarrassing!

Bacary Sagna says that he is not surprised that his captain Cesc Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal as the team hasn’t won anything for six years, and he is embarrassed to be part of that team.

Arsene Wenger is determined that Fabregas will not leave while he is still under contract, but Sagna thinks that it is not Wenger’s fault that the Gunners haven’t won any trophies, it’s the players fault (including Fabregas) but can still understand Cesc’s desire to return to Barcelona.

Lucky Andy Carroll wasn’t playing! Arsenal embarrass themselves….

We have grown used to Arsenal throwing away a one goal lead, or even occasionally a two goal lead, but a FOUR GOAL LEAD is just embarrassing.

What the hell was Diaby doing? What the hell was the defence doing afterwards? What the hell?

It is a bit difficult to look at it all logically at the moment and try and analyse what went wrong, but what the hell? The whole team just fell apart after Diaby went off, and don’t say that Arsenal were a man short as I have seen a ten-man Arsenal team play BETTER after having a player sent off.