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Arsenal’s BEAST looking to copy Chelsea star!

The Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin is already well on his way to becoming a firm favourite with the Arsenal fans, not just for the brilliant and battling performances since he returned early from his loan spell to be at the heart of the Gunners turnaround in form and rise up the Premier League table.

Arsenal’s Team Ethic is a joy to watch! But can Jack fit in?

Something definitely changed in January that got Arsenal started on their magnificent winning run. Many Gooners put it down to the fact that we started getting all our injured players back, but what was the real reason?

Why Arsenal will NOT lose Bellerin to Barcelona transfer bid!!

The football media has decided to give the Arsenal fans a big scare with some sensationalised headlines suggesting that the Gunners could be on the verge of losing our young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin to his boyhood club Barcelona, where he spent his formative years at their famous La Masia academy.

It is time for Jack to prove his worth to Arsenal

‘Shere Willpower is necessary in order to overcome the obstacles of injuries and off-field distractions by Demitri

So will Referees now APOLOGISE to Arsenal?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have been known to have a bit of a moan about the poor decisions by the match officials that go against us. And there are plenty of examples of that. I understand that smaller clubs feel that the bigger clubs get an unfair advantage from the referees and to be fair, it often looks like they are right.

Confirmed – Arsenal turned down Fabregas AND Alex Song!

Arsenal fans were understandably put out in the summer when Arsene Wenger decided against activating the buy-back clause to bring his prodigal son Cesc Fabregas back to the Emirates, but now Alex Song has also revealed that Wenger turned down the opportunity to bring Alex Song back to the fold.

Ozil needs to tell Arsenal fans the truth

A report has been moving round the possibility of Mesut Ozil leaving Arsenal in the January window. Now on one hand it does look a bit silly doesn’t it? I mean his form hasn’t been the best of late but I don’t think Wenger would snub a Fabregas return if he didn’t have faith in Ozil.

Stats suggest Wenger was RIGHT and Arsenal WERE unlucky

Arsene Wenger was clearly frustrated after Arsenal succumbed to another away defeat at the hands of one our big rivals. But the Frenchman also claimed after the match that the Gunners were unlucky, as an Arsenal.com report shows. His main example was the penalty claim on 63 minutes when Wilshere’s shot was blocked by the hand of Cesc Fabregas. But the Frenchman also felt that the game was decided on small details that just did not go our way and that the referee’s leniency allowed Chelsea to repeatedly break up our attacks with fouls. So was Wenger right?