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Wenger congratulates Chelsea, but thinks they are “rewarded for failure”

Obviously Chelsea are extremely happy that they have won yet another European trophy this season, despite the fact that they were only in the Europa League after being knocked out of the Champions League in the Group Stages.

Wenger thinks that this should not happen, and the teams that are given another chance in the Europa League are basically being “rewarded for failure”.

He said: “You have two teams in the final who were in the Champions League, their target at the start of the season was the Champions League, not to win the Europa League,”

What Arsenal need to end eight years of failure…….

Arsenal in Decline by MG

There is no doubt, unless you are the ultimate optimist, that Arsenal FC is in a downward spiral.

This decline started with the sale of Thierry Henry, for a pittance, and the failure of the manager and Board to replace him with another first class striker.

Since that time the club has sold their best six players and replaced them with two first class players, Santi Cazorla, Thomas Vermalen and one good forward in Lucas Podolski.

Adam Kemp: Wenger’s summer of failure means more misery for Arsenal fans

Adam Kemp – Pathetic management from the most delusional has been in football.

Many of you readers may have been wondering where I have been hiding this past month. I did say I would give Mr Wenger the opportunity to prove me wrong and strengthen the squad as promised. I told you in June that we would not make significant improvements to the squad. I told you that we were going to continue our trend of losing key stars to our rivals. I am getting pretty fed up of being right as I want this club to finally prove its critics wrong. With Wenger in charge there will only be more hypocrisy coming from his boring mouth. This is the worst summer as a lifelong fan that I have ever witnessed under his reign. If Arsenal does not strengthen drastically then I can confirm we will finish fifth at the expense of the revitalised Liverpool.

Arshavin – I’m not going to leave Arsenal despite failure

The little Russian maestro Andrei Arshavin has spoken about the rumours that say that Arsenal are intending to cash in on him this summer. Arshavin is adamant that there is no problem between himself and Arsene Wenger, and he will still be playing at the Emirates next summer.

“Don’t believe the rumours. Everything is good with Arsene Wenger. I’m not going to leave Arsenal,”

He also thinks that Arsenal’s collapse at the end of the season has made this into a very unsuccessful year for the Gunners.

“Compared to last year we dropped from third to fourth place in the championship.

SVGunner: Let’s discuss where Arsenal went wrong this season..

How Our Season Went Wrong…And How We Should Improve by Sagar Vaze

Another disappointing result today; though the result was, in many ways, insignificant. Man Utd all but claimed the title today anyway (they need 1 point from their 9 available). Don’t get me wrong, the defeat was not acceptable, but it had little significance either way.

So where and how did our season go wrong?

Nicholas: Wenger’s ongoing defensive failure at Arsenal

Why It’s time for change at Arsenal by Nicholas Wilson

Arsene Wenger has come in for a lot of criticism this season mainly because it looks like being a the sixth year in a row without a trophy. The pro Wenger camp, and indeed Wenger himself argue that another top 4 finish and 13 consecutive years of champions league football is pretty good and we have nothing really to complain about. On the face of it that’s not a bad argument and few could argue that given the relative resources of the club, this is a remarkable achievement. His teams play stylish attacking football and keep possesion better than anyone else in the league, so what’s the problem, why all the whinging? Well I’d like to give my take on it and why I think things have to change.