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Forget Arsenal it is Chelsea that has a striker crisis

There has been a lot of debate among Arsenal fans and talk in the football media about the striker situation at Arsenal. But for some reason the same can not be said of our big Premier League rivals Chelsea, despite them looking seriously short on fire power.

This is why Arsenal DO NOT need a new striker! Relax Gooners….


Dear Gooners, I write this in response to the clamour from many Arsenal fans on this site, half of whom believe we have no chance of improving our league position, unless we secure a ‘world class’ centre forward.

Chelsea hand Arsenal another BIG title boost

It seems as though Arsenal fans and everyone connected with the Gunners are not the only people who want to see us lift the Premier League trophy. I am not talking about the football media either, as there are not too many of them out there rooting for Arsenal and plenty, like the doughnut Adrian Durham, who make no secret of their dislike of all things Arsenal.

The search for a striker that COULD score 25 goals for Arsenal?

Arsenal’s centre forward issue. Part 1: The mythical “25 goal” man ..by JS

Arsenal get BIG FA cup boost from van Persie injury

The last time I wrote a piece about Arsenal getting a boost from some of our rivals´players being out through injury, someone took a real exception to it and claimed I should not revel in any player´s misfortune. I can understand that but I want Arsenal to win and anything that helps that is good news in my book.