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Would Arsenal fans change EVERYTHING for trophies?

Arsenal fans by JM

Proof that supporting Arsenal CAN have it’s benefits

Arsenal fans can sometimes think that the world has got it in for us, but here is a touching little video that proves to us that being a Gooner is not always about pain and disappointment.

Proof that most Arsenal fans DO still trust in Wenger

At times last season, it really seemed as if Arsene Wenger’s days in charge of Arsenal Football Club were numbered. The fantastic finish to the season, which saw the Gunners catch up with and overtake north London rivals Tottenham, brought the fans back on side, as did the promise from Ivan Gazidis that the club would now be able to compete with the big boys in the transfer market.

Arsenal fans should stop being negative about Kallstrom signing!

Gunners Need to Look at the Bright Side by HairyCustard

Following the signing of Kim Kallstrom from Spartak, many Gooners have taken to Twitter, and indeed, JustArsenal, to display their disgust that our only signing is a 31-year-old Swede well past his prime. Instead of having the Mesut Ozil effect, Kallstrom’s signing seems to have a negative effect on the morale of the fans, and we’d better hope this isn’t the same for the players.

Ramsey reckons Arsenal fans can help win the title

Even before Arsenal moved to their new state of the art Emirates stadium, the home ground was not exactly renowned for being the sort of place that opposing teams and fans feared to come to. Highbury and Library may have gone together because they rhymed, but it was sometimes true that the players could have done with a bit more of the Stoke/Britannia feel about it.

Arsenal star’s 2-0 gesture was class not crass but will FA agree?

It was a fantastic moment for Arsenal fans as Theo Walcott gave it to the Tottenham fans with a huge cheesy grin on his face. Some people may have thought it was a bit out of order and if his two raised fingers had been turned the other way round, he would have been in for the same punishment meted out to Jack Wilshere after the Man City game.

Is Wenger delaying contract to make sure Arsenal keep spending?

There have been many stories in the media about Arsene Wenger and the possibility of the Frenchman signing a new Arsenal contract. With his current deal due to run out at the end of this season, the Club and the fans could be forgiven for getting a bit twitchy. Whereas there were calls for Wenger to go last season, as the Gunners endured another disappointing and trophy-less campaign, the form that saw Arsenal overtake Tottenham, grab the last Champions League spot, and shoot to the top of the Premier League, has convinced most people that it would be a disaster if Wenger was to walk away now.

Wenger calls on Arsenal fans to keep good run going

Arsene Wenger is not asking the Arsenal fans to bring laser pens to the game to blind the opponents, or to sneak some dodgy Lasagne into their catering supplies, but the Frenchman does think that Gooners have a big part to play in helping Arsenal to success this season.