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Did Arsenal get lucky with Fellaini’s United snub?

Fellaini admits Arsenal interest by AT

The Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini has shed some light on his £27.5 million move to Old Trafford this summer. The reported Arsenal target has claimed he did snub interest from the Gunners to move to the reigning Premier League Champions.

In an interview with beIN Sport, reported by Sky Sports, the 27-year-old had this to say regarding his deadline day move: “I don’t want to tell you everything what happened during the transfer. This was done at the last minute. In a transfer window, there is always a list of players, you never know if it’s true or not. But for me, I knew [Moyes] was interested in me. Chelsea? No comment. Arsenal? It’s true, they were interested, but Manchester United convinced me to sign for them.”

Man Utd were just too late to scupper Arsenal’s Ozil transfer – Phew

It has been suggested that the transfer of Mesut Ozil to Arsenal almost did not happen, and it would have been Manchester United who the Arsenal fans would have been furious with, as well as Arsene Wenger and the club’s executives I suspect.

The report in the Daily Star claims that United were just a little bit late in a transfer bid for Ozil’s Madrid and Germany international team mate Sami Khedira. More of an all-round or even defensive midfielder than Ozil, Khedira has spoken about United’s late move.

Fans to blame for Arsenal’s terrible transfer window?

It’s OUR fault Wenger and Arsenal Board won’t sign any players by Martin

I’ve only been a member of this site for a few weeks now, to be honest I wish I had never bothered. I’ve have been slated for being an arsenal supporter for the last few years and I laughed it off that things will come good, our team is growing and we WILL win the title once again.

Arsenal still have time to rescue dreadful summer

A Worrying Summer by Vir

Well, up until this point it’s been an all too quiet transfer season for us, and the frailties in Arsenal’s squad were exposed by Villa (and Anthony Taylor). However, we won’t go into that again, and this article will try and see why the summer has seemed incredibly anti-climactic thus far.

Wenger asks `Who` to sign! Help him Arsenal fans!

Arsene says ”Who?” Let’s give him some help. by Neil

After the Arsenal vs. Villa debacle, of which I will not speak, it became clear to me that our manager needs some help. He said, and I quote ”Everyone keeps telling me to buy, but who..that is the question?”

Most gooners are in agreement that it is the spine of our team in need of additions. Perhaps a left back and left sided midfielder. Before I give my two cents, let’s look at the ships that sailed in the night. Let’s start with:

Arsenal will turn to youth to boost squad?!?

Wenger Will Replace Sold Players from Within by Uche

It is official. I have cracked, finally. I have run out of optimism as far as Arsenal transfers are concerned. Feel free to pencil my name into the negative column because I have nowhere else to turn. The signs are there and they are not good. The words of encouragement from Wenger are nothing but words. This is what he does. He is a rambler. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those who think that we will finish behind Spurs. We just beat a full strength Man City team 3-1 with no signings. That in itself is a very good sign. The Spurs team will need time to settle and will struggle before they gel. That is a lot of dropped points. We have been there before ourselves. To be frank, we have a good first eleven, but a weaker bench. That is the problem.

Wenger has lost his transfer ability and Arsenal WILL suffer

The writing is on the wall by Big Gun

The players Arsenal NEED to win the title

If I were Wenger part 2 by Jak

The Arsenal midfield is a much more complicated situation. Last year we have used two players, Arteta and Ramsey in a more defensive position to be able to patch together our winning run at the end of the season. What that creates is a lack of an extra creative attacking player. We basically did a one-man job with two men.

Cheer up Arsenal fans – Let’s be optimistic for a change!

Too many pessimists among our ‘faithful‘ by Paddy

Arsenal are rumoured to have money….£70 million maybe more! Perhaps, when most people are getting upset about the lack of transfers and players coming and going, especially coming, then maybe they should take a step back and assess the bigger picture. The great win over moneybags Man City showed that Arsenal really do have a good team.

Arsenal to lose another transfer target Gustavo?

We have all heard that Arsenal are still `working hard` to bring in some top talent during the summer transfer window, but I would politely suggest that they are not working hard enough and need to `get their finger out` or we will end up seeing every good player snapped up by other clubs.

I really thought that Arsenal would move for Marouane Fellaini from Everton before his release clause expired, but the beginning of the month came and went without any noise from the Emirates. That suggested to me that Wenger had other ideas, and the media reports were pointing towards Luis Gustavo from Bayern Munich.

The 4 reasons why Wenger should NOT get a new Arsenal contract

Should he stay or should he go? by Big Gun

An Arsenal fan’s guide to surviving transfer windows – Get a Hobby!!

An Arsenal Fan’s Guide to Coping in the Transfer Window by Uche

I wake up twice in the morning. The first time is around 5am because my wife wakes up early and when she does, I find it hard to fall asleep. And when I am up, my first instinct is to grab my tablet computer and go straight to football news before I even say my prayers. I then touch base with Daily Mail and a few football sites before finally settling and spending the most time on justarsenal.com with kindred spirits. In between the time I first wake up and when I eventually go to bed, I check up on transfer news eight to ten times a day – usually to much disappointment- while working in the office, picking up the kids from school etc. I need to get a life.