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Wenger’s rival has dire warning for Arsenal fans

They were never exactly the best of friends, especially when Arsenal were the main rival to Manchester United in the search for trophy success, but Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson clearly have some respect for each other, rather than the thinly veiled dislike and disrespect that is between the Arsenal boss and Jose Mourinho.

Wenger has earned the right to be untouchable at Arsenal

Yesterday, one of our readers, Adam Kemp, wrote a long and detailed article about why Arsene Wenger is holding back Arsenal chances of success. This generated a lot of responses, and The Analyzer wrote a comment that was even more detailed than Adam Kemp’s article. He has asked me to post it as an article in its own right for discussion. So here it is……

65? Arsene Wenger won’t be retiring any time soon!

If you take a quick look at the managers around in English Premier League, you will find that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in a different league of his own. Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games of all his Premier League rivals at their current clubs.
It also makes you wonder how long it will be before he bids adieu. There will be all sorts of questions – will this be his last season, does he want to win another Premier League title before bidding goodbye or is he planning for next season too?

Seriously – How much longer can amazing Wenger manage Arsenal?

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games his Premier League rivals managed at their current clubs. Another feather in the already brimming cap of Wenger!

Arsenal need to focus and take the FINAL step

Can Arsenal keep the focus to get to that second spot?‏ by KM