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65? Arsene Wenger won’t be retiring any time soon!

If you take a quick look at the managers around in English Premier League, you will find that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in a different league of his own. Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games of all his Premier League rivals at their current clubs.
It also makes you wonder how long it will be before he bids adieu. There will be all sorts of questions – will this be his last season, does he want to win another Premier League title before bidding goodbye or is he planning for next season too?

Seriously – How much longer can amazing Wenger manage Arsenal?

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has managed more matches at Arsenal than the combined total of games his Premier League rivals managed at their current clubs. Another feather in the already brimming cap of Wenger!

Arsenal need to focus and take the FINAL step

Can Arsenal keep the focus to get to that second spot?‏ by KM

FA cup history beckons for Wenger and FULL STRENGTH Arsenal

Arsenal fans will not be content for Arsene Wenger and the players to merely get to the final of the FA cup at Wembley in May, because if we get there we will all be expecting to win it again, no matter whether it would be against Liverpool or Aston Villa. First of all though, the Gunners need to get past Reading.

Wenger WAS a great Arsenal manager……but now?

My view on Wenger’s reign by S Vernon

For almost two decades Arsenal have been privileged to have Arsene Wenger as one of the leading figures in the world of football. He has achieved unrivalled premier league success and been successful almost to the point of perfection… A manager that managed great players, managed great victories and great unbeaten seasons…. For ONE decade of the 20….at least

Arsenal stats show Wenger is NOT a great coach

Wenger REALLY isn’t a great Coach by PA

I do not consider myself an AOB or an AKB, I just call it as I see it. I am simply a fan who loves this great club and thinks the club should be greater than any one man.

Arsene Wenger is NOT Arsenal Football Club

Some people think that Arsene Wenger is Arsenal football club by KM

It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who think that Arsene is some sort of god who does magic tricks to put Arsenal into the top 4. I read a lot of comments on this site saying that “there is no pot of gold hiding somewhere”, when the truth is that Arsenal have lots of money to fix some obvious problems.

Arsenal may have the best philosophy, but Chelsea get RESULTS

The Question of Monsieur Wenger By D.E. Nwatarali

They win because the players know what their manager wants them to do on the field. Our manager just tells our players, go out and enjoy your game, that’s the difference.