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Would Arsenal fans still want Luis Suarez?

The enigma of Luis Suarez? by AlexTheGooner

After the announcement by FIFA today regarding the Luis Suarez biting incident, with Giorgio Chiellini, is that Luis Suarez is to be banned from playing football and attending football matches for four months.

Who would want this outcast, because Liverpool certainly won’t, he’s a liability – To his club, to his teammates and to himself. But so was Robin van Persie before he joined Arsenal, you could put that down to him being a petulant young man at the time. Almost the same as Luis Suarez at this time in his career.

How can Arsenal benefit from Barcelona transfer ban?

One thing that Arsenal can look forward to, for the next year or at least, is that FC Barcelona will not be able to poach any more of our players. And not only that, the La Liga champions will also not be able to compete with Arsenal for potential new signings while their 14 month ban is in operation.

The Catalan giants have probably been the biggest thorn in the Gunners’ side in the transfer market in recent times, beating us to some talented youngsters with the lure of their famous academy at La Masia as well as the massive Nou Camp stadium and continual trophy success. But it is their youth policy that has earned them this transfer ban from FIFA and that makes the Arsenal academy arguably the best available to prospective stars of football.

Wenger says Uefa are taking the piss!

Football, and sport in general. is having a hard time at the minute. With doping scandals and match fixing involving betting syndicates, the integrity of sport is under attack. The unpredictability of sport is what gives it such great appeal, and the Arsenal manager thinks that it is up to the governing bodies to do everything they can to to protect this. It seems, however, that Uefa are missing a trick and are in danger of letting the publis think they are a bit soft on cheats.

Arsenals Financial Realities and The Rise of More Passionate Home Support

Calling all TRUE Gooners

Quite a bit of time has passed since the last article I wrote, and I apologize to those who didn’t mind reading them. To be honest, I stopped posting because it was getting nauseating reading the ever increasing influx of mutinous, sabotaging articles and comments. JustArsenal has become more like JustSlattingArsenal instead of JustSupportingArsenal; and this isn’t a reflection on admin (because he promotes freedom of speech for all points of view), but shows how the anti-intellectual / misinformed movement within the Arsenal Fan base has infectiously grown.

Could Jenkinson join Arsenal team mate Frimpong in limbo?

The Arsenal right back Carl Jenkinson has pledged his international career to England, despite having appeared for Finland at under 19 and under 21 levels. He is waiting for FIFA clearance, but he could have a long wait if the case of Emmanuel Frimpong is anything to go by.

20-year old Frimpong played for England at under 16 and under 17 level, but decided to pledge his future to the Ghana national team. He made his mind up back in 2009, when he said this.

“No matter what, I will always play for Ghana because, at the end of the day, from what I believe, I am a Ghanaian.”

Arsenal defender Koscielny is the latest to brand Liverpool’s Suarez a cheat!

Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is doing brilliantly, if his intention is to alienate people and make as many enemies as possible that is. Arsenal and France defender Laurent Koscielny has become the latest person to join the LSFC (Luis Suarez Fan Club) after he was asked about his favourite and least favourite players by the French newspaper, L’Equipe.

“Who is the forward I hate to face? Suarez. He is tiresome to defend against. He cheats. He pulls your shirt, giving you small blows.

“You always want to give him a kick but you have to be careful not to be red carded.

Arsenal’s Ivan Gazidis Gets Promoted

Arsenal Now Have More Influence

Ivan Gazidis, the Arsenal Chief Executive has joined the FA’s Professional Game Board (PGB) and the FA Council. His appointment to these posts are effective as of this 2012/13 season.

This situation sounds familiar doesn’t it? David Dein ring a bell? Either way, this can be seen as a plus for the club, not a negative. Hopefully the presence of Gazidis will maybe sway some decisions in Arsenal’s favour, especially when in regards to refuting completely appauling calls made by officials during some games.

It’s official! FIFA announce Wenger as the Manager of the Decade!

It seems it is time for the Wenger Haters to sit up and listen to this bit of news, as the official FIFA Statistics department, known by the catchy name of International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFTS), have done an in-depth study of all the votes for the first nine years of this decade, and who is top of the list? Arsene Wenger of course!

These figures have been compiled by the IFFTS by the votes every year for the “Top 20″ of The World‘s best National Coach and the “Top 20″ of The World‘s best Club Coach. Each year has been allocated 10% of the tally towards the final rankings. This is because some coaches have been club coaches in some years, and international coaches in other years.

FIFA reject France replay and Wenger is not happy!

The Republic of Ireland have appealed to FIFA to declare the extra-time defeat to France on Wednesday as null and void after Thierry Henry was seen to commit a blatant handball in the lead-up to the decisive goal, but it has been rejected out of hand by the World Football governing body.

“As is clearly mentioned in the Laws of the Game, during matches, decisions are taken by the referee and these decisions are final.” they said.

Meanwhile the French Economy Minister, Christine Legarde, has also called for FIFA to change the rules so that the game can be replayed.

Chelsea banned from buying players for TWO transfer windows!

This amazing report has just come out in the news from nowhere. FIFA have ruled that Chelsea are not allowed to buy anyone for a year, which includes the next two transfers windows!

The story was broken by The Associated Press, who circulated this article: ZURICH — FIFA says it has banned Chelsea from signing any players for the next year because it encouraged a French player to break his contract and sign for the club.

FIFA said Thursday that Chelsea can’t register new players, from England or abroad, during the next two transfer windows — in January 2010 and the next offseason.