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Arsenal proved they CAN fight to hold on to the lead…..

Scoring too early Cost Us by Dan S

While watching Arsenal’s game with QPR I was amazed at the criticism the team was receiving from Gooners on Twitter and Facebook. Such was the extent of negativity that many seemed less confident of us finishing in the top 4 then they were before the game kicked off at Loftus Road.

The Arsenal team to beat Man Utd – just add some fight and hard work!

How to beat United! by Big Gun

Arsenal should use The Ox, Podolski and Walcott as strikers. Leave Podolski as CF because Ox and Walcott are much better suited on the wings, they can use their speed more effectively. Let’s not forget, Ox is ambi-dexterous, so if he wants to cut in and have a shot, he can. He can cross equally well with his left foot.

The Ox says its going to be tough but Arsenal just need to keep going

The young Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is very happy that the Gunners took three points from Swansea yesterday, but he is well aware that they simply have to go on winning and not worry what their rivals for the Champions League are doing in their own matches.

The positives Arsenal need to take into Premier League

Take the positives and move on by Ogbee11

Podolski – Arsenal will fight for a result in Munich

The German winger Lukas Podolski admitted that Arsenal were not really surprised by the quality of Bayern Munich’s game at the Emirates on Tuesday, but he believes that in the second half the Gunners showed that they could compete with them, and he still believes it is possible to get through after the second leg.