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Is Chelsea now the team to chase for Arsenal?

After the terrible disappointment in the North London derby yesterday, Arsenal are in firth place in the Premier League. Chelsea are fourth, five points ahead and Tottenham are third, seven points ahead. With 10 league games left to play, there are plenty of points available to catch both clubs, but which is more likely?

Both Chelsea and Spurs still have the distraction of the Europa League games against Steaua Bucharest and Inter Milan this week and next week. After that, if they progress, there are another five European ties including the final on May 15th. These games could have a negative effect on the league games, as the fixture pile up drains the players of sharpness and possibly leads to more injuries.

Analysis – March is make-or-break time for Arsenal

March is crunch time for Arsenal by JG

It is strange, but always the case, that there are certain parts of the season that are crucial, not only for the teams at the bottom trying to stay in the premier League, but also for teams trying to win the league.

Arsenal’s pre-season fixtures with mini previews

Arsenal team that will most likely travel for the Pre-season friendlies by KJ

We have all missed Arsenal dearly over the last month. Soon we will finally get our needed fix with Arsenal planning to play some very interesting friendlies all over the world.

14th July: We play an interesting archetype of the game we know and love. We’ll play 45 minutes against Belgian champions Anderlecht and then will play newly promoted Southampton for the next 45 minutes. It is a really refreshing format that will make for two interesting short matches.

Full Analysis of Arsenal’s fixtures Feb 2013 – May 2013 – The crucial run-in

Analysing Arsenal’s fixture list for the 2012-2013 season (pt 3) by KJ


2 Stoke (H)

9 Sunderland (A)

23 Aston Villa (H)

A relatively easy month with no big clubs to play. Sunderland away will be difficult but I expect us to get a hard fought win.


2 Tottenham (A)

9 Everton (H)

16 Swansea (A)

30 Reading (H)

Another interesting month of football. We play Tottenham at WHL which could be difficult. However, I can see us getting a result as psychologically, the balls in our court now since that thrashing at the Emirates last season.

Full Analysis of Arsenal’s fixtures Aug 2012 – Oct 2012

Analysing Arsenal’s fixture list for the 2012-2013 season (pt 1) by KJ

Hello everyone. It’s been quite some time since I last done an article for JustArsenal but I’m back now and hope to really contribute to the site.

My first article is going to be on the new fixture list that was just released a few hours ago. This may seem like a non-issue but I can assure you, fixtures at the right times can make or break a team’s season.

I’m going to go through it month by month:


Arsenal face FOUR hard games in first SIX matches next season

At first glance you would think that playing Sunderland at home in the opening game of the season is a reasonable start, but then we have the usual hard game away at Stoke City in our second match.

A week later we will be away at Anfield which could be very difficult if their new manager gets them playing as a team. The next game is at home to promoted Southampton, but that is swiftly followed by Man City away and then Chelsea at home.

Full analysis of the race for Third Place – SqueakyBumTime for Arsenal’s rivals!

Fixture list for the remaining top 4 contenders. by KJ

Yesterday as I mentioned in my match report was a shocking result. I honestly expected at least some sort of fight from the lads. However, I don’t want to take anything from Wigan, they were fantastic and all their players had amazing games whilst even ‘Mr Consistent’ (Sagna) was very poor.

However, let’s analyse the remaining fixtures for Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle.

Chelsea (H)
Stoke (A)
Norwich (H)

Arsenal (A)
Newcastle (H)
Liverpool (A)
Blackburn (H)

Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs – The remaining games in the race for Third Place

What games are left? by KJ

Arsenal have found inspired form and have won the last six games in a row. They have finally overturned the seemingly impossible 13 point deficit between us and Tottenham. It has been truly remarkable. However, I’ve seen many already celebrating and trying to wind up the opposite fans and to be honest, it could all change in the next 9 games.

Wenger set to rest players ahead of Bolton in midweek

Arsene Wenger is preparing his Arsenal team to face Aston Villa in tomorrows FA Cup tie, but for the second time this week he has admitted that the midweek game against Bolton in the League is far more important in his eyes.

“I have always told you exactly the same, the priority is be in the top four,” Wenger said yesterday. “In recent years I felt that we produced always the consistency at the top, top level and it is not enough for some people maybe, but for me that is the brand of a top level club – consistency in the top four.’

Wenger – The televised fixtures are fixed and the Premier League needs a backbone

The Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup tie has been moved to Sunday 29th January to accomodate the TV schedules, which has meant that Arsenal’s game against Bolton the following midweek has also been moved back a day, and Arsene Wenger is not very happy with this at all!

At the end of last season Wenger complained that Man United got to play before Arsenal every weekend in the run in, and he thinks the same dark forces are at work to continually make things harder for the Gunners.