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Arsenal transfer fund rumours – Who still believes them?

The warchest is here again but nobody is fooled anymore by KM

Oh my goodness! Another Arsenal warchest story is rumouring around the papers today. Anything familiar with last year? Remember how 3 rounds before the end of the season being in the pretty much same old 4th place the same old point above the same old Spurs rumours started that we would spend big no matter Top Four or not ?

Wenger and Giroud set to sign new Arsenal contracts?

If you had suggested around about a week ago that Arsenal were on the verge of tying down the manager Arsene Wenger and his favourite centre forward Olivier Giroud with shiny new contracts, you would have been chased through north London by an angry mob of red and white Gooners.

Wenger – Arsenal will fight Chelsea and Spurs for Champions League spot

Arsene Wenger was in bullish mood after seeing his side force a winner over Aston Villa five minutes before the end of Saturdays game, and he is hoping that Arsenal can keep this fighting spirit right ’til he end of the season.

Wenger – Arsenal are unlikely to make Third Place, but Fourth is possible…..

Arsene Wenger has seen his Arsenal team lose to both Manchester City and Chelsea in the last two weeks, and now admits that the Top Three are now pulling away from the chasing pack, but remembering last years end-of-season rally, he is hopeful that the Gunners can overtake their Archrivals Tottenham for Fourth Place.

Adam Kemp – Top Four will be a miracle for Arsenal!

Adam Kemp – At least I’m consistent unlike the Arsenal!