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Arsenal Debate: We must keep faith in Wenger to get it right this time

Arsene Wenger is the man for Arsenal By CJ

Many people recently have criticized Arsene Wenger and his transfer policies, they say he is too stubborn and won’t sign the players that Arsenal need. I used to agree with this opinion however after watching us finish fourth last weekend, I still think Arsene Wenger is the man for us. Dont get me wrong i certainly dont believe that 4th place is the limit for Arsenal but now we have a springboard that many of our competitors dont have. You look at the landscape of the premier league next year and we are in very good shape. We have something that no other club near us have – long term managerial and financial stability. Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City all are going to have new managers, we have a manager that knows how this works and has guided to Champions League football year after year.

Adam Kemp – Arsenal fans celebrate mediocrity yet again

Arsenal fans celebrate mediocrity yet again whilst silverware goes begging by Adam Kemp

Arsenal fans will be glad to see the back of a season that has proved the most difficult during Wengers reign. I was embarrassed to see the players celebrating like they won the title as they should have been reserved with a fourth placed finish. Any player for the club should have exerted a sigh of relief as they have delivered another mediocre finish. Over the past three seasons we have given optimism to Tottenham by lacklustre results and inadequate management. Tottenham have no right to be anywhere near Arsenal and yet we have allowed them to close the gap. Wenger was damn lucky to clinch his most ‘favoured trophy’ by qualifying for Europe’s top competition.

Arsenal Debate – Have we now accepted that Fourth Place is success?

Is Fourth spot now the pinnacle of Arsenal’s ambition? by FD

As we approach the end of the season, the football media is predictably full of Arsenal rumours about impending summer transfers. We’ve all got our ideas about players we want to see at the club and many names have been bandied around.

But I notice that even die-hard Arsenal fans are holding back from including the top names on their wish lists. So we see players like Benteke and Villa cropping up regularly on these lists, but not, say, Falcao or Cavani.

Arsenal legend : Coming Fourth is nothing like winning a trophy!

Seaman unimpressed with Fourth Place battle by PH

The celebrated ex-Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman is not very impressed with Arsenal’s ongoing battle to end up in the Top Four and secure a place in next year’s Champions League, and thinks that the club should actually be challenging to win a trophy or two instead of aiming for Fourth.

Seaman said: “If Arsenal get that fourth place people will celebrate that, but I’m thinking ‘hang on a minute, it’s only fourth position, we’re not exactly challenging for trophies’,”

A realistic view of Arsenal’s transfer dealings this summer

Summer Signing With A Dose of Reality by Jules

Over the last few months browsing this site have seen ample articles on who Arsenal should buy and who we should sell and so forth, so many I felt inclined to write one of my own, with a touch of cautious realism that other Gunners seem to be throwing into the wind. The most obvious and decisive variable regarding which players we attain in the summer is where we finish in the league table, if some of the targets we have highlighted over the course of the season were far-fetched when we could offer Europe’s elite club competition, imagine the likelihood of landing Hummels, Gotze, Isco and Jovetic with only a Europa League cup run to offer. With that said however, irrespective of where we finish come May there are many players that must be sold or released. If Arsenal is the sinking ship that the media want to portray it to be then it is most certainly the amount of deadwood taking huge amounts of money on a weekly basis that is drowning us.

The Ox says its going to be tough but Arsenal just need to keep going

The young Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is very happy that the Gunners took three points from Swansea yesterday, but he is well aware that they simply have to go on winning and not worry what their rivals for the Champions League are doing in their own matches.

“Everyone in the Premier League feels pressure to get results,” he said. “It is part of being a footballer. We have to take that in our stride because we know we have the characters to deal with it.

Wenger – Spurs game not decisive, but has “psychological importance”

For Arsenal and Spurs fans, the North London derby is by far-and-away the most important game of the season, even if it is only for bragging right with their mates, but (like last season) this game carries the extra weight of being part of the fight for a Top Four position.

Both Wenger and Villas-Boas are saying that this single game won’t decide who finishes in the Champions League places, but Wenger thinks a defeat could have a “psychological” impact on the winners (and the losers i guess). The Frenchman said: “There are still 10 games to go after Tottenham and a lot can happen,”

Analysis – March is make-or-break time for Arsenal

March is crunch time for Arsenal by JG

It is strange, but always the case, that there are certain parts of the season that are crucial, not only for the teams at the bottom trying to stay in the premier League, but also for teams trying to win the league.

Wenger – Arsenal will have to fight for fourth place

Arsene Wenger saw his team lose a home game to Manchester City for the first time in 37 years yesterday, and has admitted that Arsenal really need to up their confidence levels, especially in defence.

He said: “Overall we started too timidly, with not enough authority in a game like that, and we allowed them to dictate from the start. We paid very early from it. We didn’t start with enough confidence or enough authority. When you play at home in a game like this you have to dictate your personality, which we did not do, especially defensively.

Wenger tells Arsenal fans to remain calm

The Gunners manager Arsene Wenger has had a rollercoaster couple of months where the media and fans were acting like Arsenal were practically being relegated, now suddenly after three wins in a row, Wenger’s side now find themselves miraculously in fourth place for Xmas, albeit on level points with Everton, Tottenham and West Brom.

Wenger has announced that he would prefer Arsenal fans to keep calm when things are going well, not just when things are going badly. “Let’s not go overboard,” he said. “As much as we should not be too depressed when things don’t go right, we now need to keep our feet on the ground.

Swansea star – We can go above Arsenal on Saturday

The Swansea striker Leon Britton saw his side beat Arsenal in Wales last season and only lost narrowly 1-0 at the Emirates, and after yet another fantastic start to this season he believes that the Swans have every right to believe they can take all three points from Arsenal this weekend.

“If we win on Saturday we go above Arsenal,” Britton said.

“It’s great going to Arsenal and they’re one place above us.

“It’s been a good start but there’s still a long way to go, but we’ll go to Arsenal and it’s a great place to play football.

AVB wants Adebayor to look for revenge on Arsenal

The ex-Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor famously annoyed all the Arsenal fans when he over-celebrated his goal for Manchester City after he left the Gunners, and the Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas is hoping that the taunts from the home crowd will propel Adebayor into another supreme performance against his former club.

AVB said: “I suggest to make the most of the situation we can use individual’s motivations and that is why we used Adebayor also in the game versus City last week. These are things that you have to count on.”