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Why this staunch Arsenal fan has lost faith in Arsene

Mad as a hatter‏! by Toby

Well it’s been a few years but I’ve decided to dust of the old keyboard and chip in with my tuppence-worth. For those who don’t remember me I was a regular poster on here around the Fabregas era and had many journalistic duals with my then arch nemesis Adam Kemp. I was one of Wenger’s most die hard supporters and always did my best to explain away his apparent stupidity and obscure ways when managing our club.

Wenger – Why this season is different for Arsenal

Why Arsenal won’t fade this year DN

Many pundits (and quite a lot of so-called Arsenal fans as well) are fully expecting Arsenal’s title challenge to fade in the next month or two, and the club will end up in a fight to remain third or fourth in the table. In their defence they will point to the many times in the last ten years when we have been leading the table in Jan/Feb only to slip away at the death.