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Why Arsenal fans should be HAPPY United beat Liverpool

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans were hoping for a draw in the local derby between Manchester United and Liverpool at Anfield yesterday. With both clubs appearing to Arsenal´s biggest rivals for a top four finish, a draw would have meant that we had a decent gap of three points above United.

Why Arsenal MUST make use of LIverpool fatigue!

It would have been a lot better for Arsenal if the Championship side Bournemouth had given Liverpool a rougher ride in the Capital One cup quarter-final last night. Extra time and penalties were what we really wanted, but the Gunners can still make use of that game to our advantage.

Arsenal tactics – Should we copy Liverpool and England’s diamond formation?

Arsenal’s Formation in 4-4-2 Diamond– The Liverpool and England Way By Supertuur

In the 2013/14 season two teams really stood out with their goal scoring capabilities, Liverpool with Suarez and Sturridge and City with Augero, Negredo, Dzeko and Jovetic. Besides the quality of their strikers what was the other reason they scored so much? They played 4-4-2, although in different variations. Today I will focus on the formation Liverpool and recently England play which is the 4-4-2 diamond or also known as 4-1-2-1-2.

He’s at it again! Bias boy Owen predicts Arsenal downfall

Maybe I am wrong about Michael Owen having a huge bias against Arsenal and for his former clubs, Liverpool and Man United. Maybe, but I do not think so, as the former England striker seems to go out of his way to criticise us and predict doom and gloom for the Gunners.

Why Arsenal MUST give Arteta a new contract…

Mikel Arteta has just one year left of his current contract with Arsenal. I have seen some comments suggesting that it is time for the Spaniard to move on, while there have been reports of interest from Serie A club Fiorentina. Personally, I am hoping that Arsene Wenger, instead of selling him this year or letting his contract run out next summer, offers the Spaniard an extension, maybe another two years. Why?

Parlour on how Ramsey can become an Arsenal legend…

Parlour on Ramsey by Ash

In the latest of reports surrounding Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey this week, former Gunner and current Arsenal legend Ray Parlour has revealed how he believes Ramsey can become as good as Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard. The young Welshman is a slightly different type of player to Gerrard but there is no doubt that he was a major factor in Arsenal’s rise to the top of the Premier league, or that we have missed him badly in 2014.

Arsenal get BIG praise from Iniesta and Gerrard(kind of)

There seems to be a tendency in the English media to ignore Arsenal’s credentials and find all sorts of reasons to suggest that doom and despair is just around the corner. In a way I think it has helped the players and given them an extra incentive to prove people wrong, but it is nice to hear someone actually appreciate what the team is doing, especially when the praise comes from the likes of Barcelona star Andres Iniesta and England captain Steven Gerrard..

Did Arsenal get lucky or deserve to beat Liverpool?

For Arsenal Football Club, the fans and Arsene Wenger, the main thing that mattered yesterday was winning the game and progressing to the next round of the FA cup. But with a huge and difficult game against Bayern Munich coming up at the Emirates and what looks like being a title race that goes to the wire, it was important to put in a good performance as well.