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Agent says Arsenal captain could join Gervinho at Roma!!

Although Thomas Vermaelen has declared that he is fully focused on getting Arsenal their first trophy in nearly a decade, the subject of his future will not go away. With a year left on his contract, it does seem that the Arsenal captain will either be persuaded to sign a new contract or sold this summer.

Arsene Wenger has suggested that he will be tougher with his players this year and not allow them to leave against his wishes, but the Frenchman has always been a practical manager. If the Belgian international really is determined to leave then, rather than let him leave on a free transfer next summer, I would expect the club to accept a good offer for him. Anything over the £10 million we paid Ajax for the centre back could do the trick.

Don’t blame Arsenal players! It’s Wenger who must prove himself!

Blame Wenger not Players by Ronny331

I think that Arsenal fans’ frustration must be shown towards Arsene Wenger and not the players. I’m getting tired of reading the criticism against our players. Every week it’s Giroud, now Wilshire and Arteta. I do admit during some games I get angry, upset, emotional and often vent at certain players. What we should do, however, is try and understand why they are playing poorly and what can be done to rectify it as a team/squad.

Arsenal must forget about these 2 transfer linked strikers

We all know that the priority for Arsenal in this January transfer window is a striker. Whether it be a player who can replace Theo Walcott while the England international recovers from his anterior cruciate ligament damage, or another player in the mould of Olivier Giroud.

But we also know that Arsene Wenger has his own ideas of what he wants and is continually suggesting that January is not a good time to be signing players. One thing that the Gunners do not want is to sign a striker in desperation and then have a player on the nooks that is not really contributing.

Gervinho finally shows Arsenal some respect

Gervinho response for the Gunners! by Ash

Gervinho left the Gunners this summer just gone to look for a new start after what was a heavily disappointing two years in England. Arsene Wenger brought Gervinho in from French side Lille when he was in flying colours alongside current Chelsea player Eden Hazard.

It was Hazard however that turned out to be the far better player and suddenly Gervinho’s £10 million move looks to be a complete waste of money. Arsenal managed to sell him off to Roma this summer and recoup some of the money, with the transfer reportedly being agreed at around the £8 million mark.

Wenger’s failure to sign a striker could ruin Arsenal’s season

Wenger had to sign a striker in summer by Dave N

I am absolutely furious. Watching Arsenal try to score against a strong and resolute Chelsea side with Nicklas Bendtner up front was like watching a bullfighter facing a boll with a feather duster rather than a sword, and the painful truth is that it should never have happened.

Of course Olivier Giroud needs a rest sometimes, and I understand the the `mickey mouse` cup is not that big a deal, but if we had been able to field a decent striker last night then the outcome could have been much different and we might still be in the competition, which does come with a trophy at the end by the way.

Arsenal Fans ARE allowed to change their mind

Why it’s Ok to change your opinions by KJ

Twitter today has been rife with criticisms of those who’ve changed their opinions on certain Arsenal players, as they’ve become better players. Is it right to have a go at those who change their opinions? Absolutely not! Football as a sport is built upon the rivalry amongst fans (whether they are from different clubs or from the same club). It’s what makes the sport so interesting and so popular. As a result, people will have different opinions to each other.

Gervinho shows his lack of class to Arsenal fans

The Ivorian striker has broken any lingering ties he had with Arsenal Football Club, by stupidly stating that he wants Napoli to beat the Gunners in the Champions League this season. The striker is doing pretty well in Italy since his summer transfer to Roma, but there was absolutely no need for him to wish a defeat on his former club.

He said, “I had a lot of affinity with Wenger, but more with Garcia. I wish good luck to Napoli vs. Arsenal. Hope Italians progress in Champions.”

How many chances did Gervinho expect at Arsenal?

I was absolutely stunned today to read that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have come in for criticism from the departed Ivorian international striker Gervinho. The 26-year old was allowed to leave for Italy and the Serie A side Roma this summer, when Wenger admitted that his confidence was not likely to return at the Emirates.

The story in the Independent reveals that Gervinho thinks that Wenger should have had more faith in him. In my opinion, and a lot of Arsenal fans feel the same, Gervinho was extremely lucky to get as many chances as he did, and I doubt whether many managers would have been so forgiving of his poor performances.

Should Arsenal pull out all the stops to sign Di Maria?

Arsenal signing Di Maria could be very important indeed by KJ

According to David Ornstein from the BBC, we are very interested in Real Madrid’s Benzema and Di Maria. As we all know, Ornstein is very well connected at Arsenal and rarely reports something unless he is certain the club are heavily interested in the player. This means that there must be some truth to the links and I wanted to explore why signing Di Maria would be a good idea for Arsenal.

Why would Arsenal even consider selling Podolski?

Podolski wanted by 4 clubs by AT

According to the German newspaper Bild, the Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski is the subject of keen interest for four top European clubs – Tottenham Hotspur, Galatasaray, Wolfsburg and most notably, Schalke.

According to the report from the German daily, all four of those clubs have made an enquiry about the availability of the Polish-born striker, with Schalke being the most keen for his signature following long-term injuries to forwards Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Jefferson Farfan. The spuds must be taking the piss, surely.

Has Arsenal penny pinching hindered progress of the Ox?

We have all criticised Arsenal’s penny pinching recently because of the impact on the squad. We see Wenger being forced to turn to youth to fill out the squad but now it turns out penny pinching is halting our young player’s growth. This is an unbelievable turn of events for me as it makes me even more angry.

We all remember the struggle it was to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton right? Well now it turns out every time he plays more than twenty minutes of a game, Arsenal have to pay Southampton £10,000.

Arsenal hope latest Lille star is more Hazard than Gervinho

Florian Thauvin – Arsenal transfer target by AH

It’s today being reported by both The Express and The Daily Mail, as well as several media sites online that Arsenal and Newcastle will face up against each other for the signing of French starlet Florian Thauvin.

Thauvin currently plays for Ligue 1 side Lille in France and is recognized to be the French club’s next Eden Hazard after the club sold the Belgian to Chelsea last year. Luckily he is being compared to Hazard rather than Gervinho, who also came from Lille, however the main thing that worries me is, since when is it alright that we watch Arsenal battle with Newcastle over a young talent.