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Arsenal tactics – Is 4-4-2 the way to go next season?

Arsenal Should Lineup In A 4-4-2 Next Season By Rohan

The 4-4-2 has been the most successful formation in the history of football, and easily the most successful for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. With this historic formation, Wenger has won three league titles, won four FA Cups, and of course managed and entire season without losing a game. Why not bring the 4-4-2 back? He now has the perfect collection of players and tools to do so.

Is Jackson Martinez moving closer to Arsenal move?

It appears as though the media do not believe Arsene Wenger, how strange! After the Frenchman made it plain as day that Arsenal were not in the transfer market for any more strikers, there seem to have been more Arsenal transfer rumours concerning forwards than ever before.

Do they think the Prof is doing the old Poker bluff again? Who me, guv, after a striker? Nah mate, I would not have released the Greatest Striker In The World if that was the case. It would not be the first time the Gunners manager has tried to throw the hounds of the media off the scent, that is for sure.

Wenger denies Arsenal need a new striker! You sure Arsene?

When a lot of last week’s Arsenal transfer rumours made it increasingly clear that Arsene Wenger had cooled his transfer interest in the France and QPR striker Loic Remy, I thought it must be because the Arsenal boss had his eye on someone else.

Apparently not, though, as a report in the Evening Standard reveals that the Prof is happy with his strike force, claiming that the club do not need to do any more to strengthen up front in the summer transfer window.

Wenger said, “Up front we don’t need any more. It’s not especially for numbers.

Defining what would be progress for Arsenal in the coming season

What is progress? And can it be achieved? By SV

Dictionary definition…“Forward or onward movement towards a more improved or advanced position/destination..”

Fellow Gooners…..

I Ask what is progress and do we have the personnel to achieve it..? After winning the FA cup.. Progress could be measured in 3 phases..

1. Premier league winner
2. Champions league winner
3. Top 2 finish in premier league and quarter/semi final Champions League.

Although No 3 is 2 options.. it’s progress in either competition

In-depth analysis of Arsenal’s Giroud compared to Sanchez and Remy

Giroud the Scapegoat? – OG Compared (statistically) with Sanchez and Remy by Vince

Good day, all! Good times they are to be a Gooner! I should be preparing for my finals, but this is definitely more pressing haha!

Giroud has been heavily criticized and and dubbed as not being “good enough” to lead the Arsenal front line. In the 4-3-1 system we used last season, the lone striker must be a target man – capable of holding off defenders and bringing his team mates into play. Target men are still strikers however and need to test the goalkeeper and score. Lacking striking support, he should also be able to create chances on his own.

Why Giroud should NOT be Arsenal’s striker next season

Why Giroud should not be Arsenal’s starting striker next year!! By Henry12

We all know that the transfer window is on and heating up. Arsenal have been linked to many great talents around the football world; Remy, Bony, Balotelli, Cavani etc. With Arsenal already completing deals for Sanchez, Khedira (maybe), and Debuchy (maybe), we as Gunners feel that the one area we have been lacking is the striker department.

The Arsenal tactics that WILL get points from BPL rivals

How should we line up against big teams this season? by KJ

With Arsenal due to make 2 or 3 more signings this week and with the start of the Premier League season only a month away, it seems as good time as any to start postulating what our line up would be against the bigger teams in the league and why certain players should be chosen. I will include realistic signings that we are likely to make so this team is more representative of the final team we will put out come September 1st.

Arsenal tactics – Will Wenger change the formation with Sanchez in the team?

Does the acquisition of Sanchez signal a change in the way Arsenal might lineup next season? by SE

With the capturing of Alexis Sanchez from the Catalan giants Barcelona, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have sent out a raucous warning to their Premier League opponents ahead of the new season. Sanchez played a pivotal role in Chile’s incredible world cup campaign, which sadly ended in the R-16 by penalty shootout against the hosts Brazil.

Should Arsenal just pay Remy the £80k he wants?

There was a bit of head scratching among the Arsenal fans last week, after we had built ourselves up to expect a possible three new signings to celebrate on the say that the new Arsenal kits by PUMA were officially unveiled. The one we got, Alexis Sanchez, was a top class piece of transfer action, but I still wondered what was stopping the Gunners from announcing Mathieu Debuchy and Loic Remy alongside the Chile international.

What will Sanchez transfer to Arsenal mean for Walcott?

The Arsenal and England forward Theo Walcott has shown his delight with the Gunners new signing Alexis Sanchez. The speedy Englishman has tweeted what a terrific move it is for the club and even been pictured with a beaming smile on his face while holding up one of the new PUMA kits with the Chilean’s name and number on it, but should he be a bit more concerned about what the arrival of Sanchez in north London will mean to his own place at the club?

Where will Sanchez fit into the Arsenal team?

Sanchez and Arsenal by Twig

By signing Alexis Sanchez, Wenger has made good his claim last Summer when he said that he wasn’t
looking for a striker to replace Olivier Giroud but one who can play alongside Giroud. Suarez, whom Arsenal
chased so fervently last Summer fit that criteria as he could play on the wings as well as behind
a main target man. Giroud himself said, “When the name of Suarez was circulating, I honestly thought it was a good thing for the team. We could have complemented each other… Suarez would have been a cannon… and he can also play out wide.” (L’Equipe)