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Why this could be the year for Arsenal in Champions League

I know it is a bit early to be making bold and sweeping statements about Arsenal and the season ahead, but I am going to do it anyway, so there. I hate to say it, but the way that Fabregas and Costa have blended in to an already strong Chelsea side makes them look like Champions elect already.

Unless they hit a wall soon or somebody, perhaps us or Man United, trips them up soon then they could be out of reack and I cannot see them giving up a good lead. That means the Gunners will be looking at the Wenger trophy again, although I think we should at least move up a place and avoid the horrible Champions League play-offs next season.

New Arsenal system is made for Ozil says Walcott

Quite a few Arsenal fans and the majority of the footballing media seemed to be a bit underwhelmed, to say the least, about the impact made by the Gunners’ record signing Mesut Ozil in his debut season in the Premier League. I was not among them but I can see their point.

Others made the point that the German playmaker had very little to play with, hardly getting any time with Theo Walcott on the pitch and with Arsenal missing other key attacking options like Lukas Podolski, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for large parts of the season.

Giroud to get new Arsenal contract (and Arteta)

Despite Olivier Giroud’s broken ankle, it seems that Arsenal are in the process of offering the Frenchman a new contract to keep him at the club until 2018. Wenger has brought in Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck this summer to increase the Gunners attacking options but it seems that Arsene Wenger still considers Giroud to be part of his plans for the future once he recovers in the New Year.

The Mail is also reporting that the ageing Mikel Arteta will also be offered a one-year extension to his present contract. This is an unusual move for Wenger as he is not known for giving many contracts to the over 30’s and Arteta passed 32 before the end of last season.

In-Depth analysis of Arsenal’s formation and each position

New Season Tactics and Lineup‏ by HA

Dear Gooners,

Good day. The transfer window is shut. Arsenal had a good but not great window. Our playing style suits 4-2-3-1 most but for playing 4 defenders in every match for 55 odd games a season we needed 1 or 2 more defenders. Last year, there were some matches, when Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs all were injured and we played with Jenkinson- Sagna – Mertesacker – Monreal. This needed to be addressed in the transfer period. Specially considering Gibbs’ injury record and Debuchy’s disciplinary issues. We can still sign some free agents, but players who are free agents at the end of the transfer window are seldom the quality we require who can push us through. Maybe we should not have loaned out Jenkinson, then our squad would have looked far more solid.

Giroud DOES still have a future at Arsenal – as a backup!

Why Welbeck is an excellent attribute to Arsenals current setup by Big Gun

I have just read an article by KJ about Olivier Giroud and the possibility of him leaving because of Danny Welbeck. It was a good read and I agreed with most of it, except that I believe both Giroud and Welbeck can be utilized effectively in our current setup. Giroud is useful against certain teams. We saw what happened when he was brought on against Everton. He gives us an extra dimension to our attack when we play those teams with more physicality. Giroud will just have to come to terms with the fact that he will and must be used as a squad player and not our No1 CF. If he had pace and dribbling skills and worked a bit harder in terms of pressing defenders, then I’d say yes he deserves to be played as much as possible without wearing him down too much. But honestly he is NOT an all-round striker that is capable of adjusting to any situation, therefore he will have to be used strategically.

Does Welbeck’s arrival mean that Giroud will leave Arsenal?

Giroud could be gone next summer by KJ

After the acquisition of Danny Welbeck from Man Utd, it dawned upon me that Giroud could very well be leaving Arsenal next summer. There are a lot of factors involved but they ultimately spell out a possible departure for the controversial Frenchman.

Firstly, Welbeck is on a similar level to Giroud when you factor in their ability but the Englishman has a far higher ceiling in terms of potential and is arguably far more suited to our football. He loves to pass and move and will most likely get more out of the likes of Ozil than Giroud.

Stats show Arsenal made a MASSIVE mistake on Sanogo

With Arsenal failing or turning down the chance to sign a new centre forward to cover for the injured France international Olivier Giroud, you would have to assume that Arsene Wenger thinks he has got enough options in the Arsenal squad already to cope until Christmas.

And with his reluctance to use either Walcott or Podolski in the middle, or Joel Campbell anywhere, that leaves just Alexis Sanchez and Yaya Sanogo for the central striking role. Arsene Wenger certainly seems to have faith in the young Frenchman signed for nothing last summer, but the stats do not agree.

Giovinco transfer rumour gives Arsenal fans the SHORT straw

Arsenal have had all summer to sort out a new striker and even if Arsene Wenger really did believe that he had enough options before, the injury to Olivier Giroud that has made signing a centre forward even more important happened over a week ago.

But here we are again, somehow, nervously checking the sports websites’ deadline day updates in the dwindling hope that the Prof has got it all in hand and will pull off another Mesut Ozil style stunning swoop before the window shuts tonight.

Is Wenger really too stubborn to sign a striker for Arsenal?

In the press conference the other day before Arsenal travelled to Leicester, there were understandably a lot of questions about the transfer business that the club might do before tonight. And Arsene Wenger talked about it being like a poker game and suggested that there would be a lot going on behind the scenes.

But he also spoke about people having opinions and them often being wrong. Something like it is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion. And the Frenchman is always talking about not bringing in players just for the sake of it and almost ridiculing the use of the transfer market to solve problems.

Why Arsenal MUST respond to Chelsea goal power with Falcao!!

Arsene Wenger has got just two days left to add to his Arsenal squad before the transfer window slams shut – until the winter one opens in January. And those players that we have by then are expected to try to win a fairly tough Champions League group and be serious contenders for the Premier League title. I think we need more.

I understand that Wenger has strengthened from last season, when only bad luck and injuries, in my opinion, stopped the Gunners from becoming champions. I also don’t think that we need to worry about the threat from Liverpool as much, while Man United are still a mess and Man City no stronger.

The international break will HELP Arsenal for a change

Upcoming international break is ‘gold dust’ for Arsenal’s squad by SE

There is something about injuries and Arsenal that keeps them together, always. One season after another, Arsenal seem to lose their most important players through injuries, and long term ones at that.

But one staunch reason behind such ‘misfortune’ has to be the number of games Arsenal have played so far, in comparison to their title rivals in Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. What those injuries tell you is that Arsenal’s squad, despite being a huge one, doesn’t look sufficient for the number of games they play in a season.

Loic Remy is a classic no-brainer for Arsenal

There are very few Arsenal fans that were not calling for Arsene Wenger to buy another striker as soon as the transfer window opened, and many of us thought that a cut-price deal for the QPR hitman Loic Remy was on the cards after seeing him perform admirably for Newcastle last season.

Now that Giroud has been ruled out for three months, the acquisition of a quality striker that could slot straight into the team is now an imperative, but Remy is STILL waiting for a new club with just three days left to finalise a deal. Even the French manager Didier Deschamps has implored Remy to move to a bigger club.