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Another Arsenal dream is over! Auf Wiedersehen Eisfeld

I can’t say I blame him for deciding to leave Arsenal to further his career in professional football, but at the same time I was sad to see the news on Arsenal.com that the young German Gunner Thomas Eisfeld has called time on his dream of becoming a first team player with Arsenal.

The 21-year old has today signed for Fulham on a two year contract, where the midfielder will surely get the regular game time he needs to progress. It must have been a tough decision for Eisfeld, though, because he was tipped as being one of the young players most likely to break through from the academy, but his compatriot Serge Gnabry came up on the outside lane and overtook him.

Wenger hails Willock as Arsenal star of the future!

With the Premier League due to kick off in less than a month, Arsenal and all of our rivals are currently in pre-season, with plenty of training sessions, some friendly games and tours of far flung lands, as well as the odd tournament like the Emirates Cup.

There are commercial reasons for some of this stuff, of course, but the main thing is to get the players fit and ready for the serious business of leagues and cup competitions. It is not just about fitness, however, as it also gives Arsene Wenger the chance to introduce some of the young Arsenal players into the team and to see how they react to playing with the big boys.

Analysis of Arsenal’s official squad for 2014/15

Assessing the Arsenal Official Squad for the 2014-2015 season by Alexthegooner

What can we as Arsenal fans take from the Official Squad List published yesterday?

Well lets be logical and start with the (singular) Goalkeeper. Wojciech Szczesny looks to be Arsenal’s first team ‘keeper for next season, probably because he is the only one there. This makes it look inevitable that another keeper will be coming into the club before the infamous Jim White Day as it is affectionately known as (Transfer Deadline Day for the pedants).

Starlet hints Arsenal failed at Everton because of FA cup focus

I bet that a lot of Arsenal fans, like myself, were surprised that Arsene Wenger started the Premier League game against Everton on Sunday with Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench. The Frenchman went for the double pivot of Arteta and Flamini, probably hoping to keep the game tight, but it clearly did not work.

Do Arsenal have TOO MUCH focus on youth development?

Is youth an Arsenal value? by Ash

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been criticised several times during the past few years over a lack of success and not moving on with the modernisation of football. And many are quick to state that the fact he is persistent in building the ‘team of the future’ rather than focus on the current Arsenal team , offers a good reason behind why Arsenal haven’t challenged in the same way as they did before under Wenger.

Should Arsenal boss ring changes for Everton game?

When Arsene Wenger picked his Arsenal starting XI to face the rough tactics of Stoke City in the cauldron of the Britannia stadium on Saturday, the Frenchman made just one change and that was to bring Kieran Gibbs in for Nacho Monreal.

The Spaniard may have been replaced anyway, but it meant that Wenger stuck with his team. In hindsight it looks like a mistake, but the Gunners had not played for a week and easily beat Sunderland in the previous match, so you cdan understand him doing it.

Time for Arsenal to put some youth into the attack force

Time to give a chance to others? by Gunnerjack

Well I woke up hoping I would feel better but no luck – the performance against Stoke was truly abysmal. So after my first article stating that Chambo should start every match I’m writing this second one as a kind of therapy in the hopes of getting the despair out of my system.

Preview and team news for Arsenal vs. Sunderland

Arsenal vs Sunderland preview, line up and predicted score by KJ

It was an extremely tiring game for Arsenal midweek against Bayern and this could arguably be one of our worst performances at home this season because of the work we had to put in on Wednesday to keep the score reasonable.

That said, we have numerous players who can fill in and are definitely of the quality required to win the game against a somewhat resurgent Sunderland side. We will have to rotate as certain players will be tired as well as needing a mental rest to refresh themselves.

Preview, Prediction and Line-up for Arsenal vs. Liverpool

Arsenal vs Liverpool Preview, line up and predicted score by KJ

This is going to be a very difficult game for Arsenal and comes only a week after losing 5-1 to them at Anfield. They absolutely tore apart our team and we will most likely field a weakened one today as Wenger keeps one eye on the game against Bayern midweek.

We lost against Liverpool because we started slowly and once we conceded, we attempted a gung-ho approach that ultimately cost us dear. This time, providing we can keep the game tight early on, we should have a far better chance at winning this match than we did a week ago.

Gnabry fired up for Arsenal FA cup revenge on Liverpool

There were so many disappointing things about the Arsenal performance against Liverpool at Anfield last week. The was we started, defended, passed, attacked, tackled and many more were so poor it was unbelievable and the Gunners got what they deserved.

That should have set alarm bells ringing, though, and we were much better against Man United on Wednesday, when it was the failure to finish chances that cost Arsenal the win which would have been such a morale booster. But at least we go into tomorrow’s FA cup game against Liverpool in a better frame of mind and with a warning that any lacklustre performances will be punished severely.

Arsenal set for tactical change against Liverpool?

Tomorrow’s FA cup clash between Arsenal and Liverpool is a massive one for various reasons. The recent trip to Anfield is just one of them, but it has got all the media talking about the game even more than usual. Liverpool have definitely been in good form recently, but then they struggled against Fulham so it is a hard one to call.

Then there are the problems facing Arsenal, like the long wait for a trophy, pressure on Wenger and players like Giroud and Ozil because of their form and the usual list of injuries. Heaven knows what is going on with Vermaelen but he is still out. And another of our best players, Santi Cazorla, has joined Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey on the sidelines, although not for long.

Too soon for Arsenal’s Ox to terrorise his old club?

There is no doubt that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would love to be in the Arsenal starting XI on Tuesday night. Not only is he desperate to get back into regular action after missing almost all of the season so far, the opponents are Southampton, where he spent 11 years and broke onto the English football scene so dramatically.

The way Alex plays and takes everything in his stride, including an international debut for England aged 18 and then was thrown straight into Euro 2012, suggests that he could be worth a gamble. He played well but tired a little in the second half against Coventry, but even if you could get a good hour out of him, it might be worth it.