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A Pep talk before Arsenal face Southampton!

Pep a blessing in disguise? How do Arsenal break Southampton? by KM

Hello everybody! This transfer window didn’t disappoint! By far the biggest transfer is Pep moving to Manchester City. This puts a new perspective on the League. Next season will be quite a different story from this one. So how does that affect us?

Why Arsenal should go for Pep Guardiola

Should Arsenal join the race for Pep Guardiola?‏ by SS

Hi Gooners,

Suddenly the two of the most sought after football managers in the world are available and with Chelsea and Manchester United desperate to sign a world class manager, both have become hot properties overnight. Man City with its ex-Barcelona colleagues, Pep is expected to go there. But this has not disheartened either Chelsea or Man Utd.

Will Arsenal really do a Man United against Bayern?

With Arsenal having only managed to keep hold of the ball for less than 25 percent of the game against Bayern Munich in the home tie, not many people are expecting the Gunners to go and dominate the game in Germany. But that does not necessarily mean that we will completely change our tactics.

Proof that Arsenal have Bayern Munich rattled?

You would think that winning every game of the season before finally losing to Arsenal in that Champions League game a couple of weeks ago would mean that our victory at the Emirates would be like water off a duck’s back to the German champions Bayern Munich.

Titi, Adams or Pep set to replace Wenger as Arsenal boss?

There have been a few articles in the football media in recent days about who will be the manager to take over the reins of Arsenal when Arsene Wenger does call it a day, or get sacked which seems about as likely as U2 sacking Bono as the lead singer.