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Tribute- What can you say about Bergkamp? Plus videos to remind you!

Remembering one of Arsenal’s best ever playeers, Dennis Bergkamp by TRJ

There have been a few articles today commemorating the 20th anniversary of DB10’s arrival at Arsenal. I remember clearly being in denial – that this was some kind of cruel prank…it wasn’t just Dennis but it was the Double D – Dennis and David (Bergkamp and Platt)!

Fast start, consistency, and Arsenal could be INVINCIBLE again

There have been many discussions about Arsenal’s failings last season and how they can improve on those performances in the next campaign. Most Arsenal players think that we have improved considerably as the season progressed, and Hector Bellerin simply thinks we need to keep up our end-of-season form to figure in the title race next year.

Are Giroud and Welbeck good enough for Arsenal to win the title? NO!

Composure is the name of the game. By Galen.

Can Ramsey REALLY reject Barcelona transfer?

Arsenal fans have definitely seen the best and worst of Aaron Ramsey over the years, but Arsene Wenger has always supported the young Welshman during his times of trouble, and even kept faith when the young Ramsey was going through an appalling run of form.

Arsenal star’s loss of form due to “hurt pride”?

Arsenal’s French striker Olivier Giroud was in fantastic form after returning from injury in December and was banging goals in against all-comers (except Monaco!) until the fateful day when Jose Mourinho parked the bus at the Emirates. Since then he has not been able to hit a proverbial barn door and poor Giroud has now gone five games without a sniff at goal.

Henry Confirms Arsenal’s Interest in Liverpool Star!

As talk of a potential Arsenal move for the Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling continues to do the rounds in the media, the Gunners’ legendary striker Thierry Henry has confirmed that his former side are indeed in for the player and has claimed that he would love to see him at the Emirates, despite admitting that the talented winger may have been badly advised by his agent.

Wenger – Thierry Henry is out of order!

Thierry Henry is undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s most revered legends in the Wenger era, but his old boss is not very happy with some of his utterings since he became a pundit on the Sky Sports TV Channel. Le Prof seems especially miffed about Henry denigrating our new hero Olivier Giroud, who has recently turned into a goalscoring sensation since his recovery from injury late last year.

Arsenal star NOT happy despite GOALS GALORE!

After improving significantly year on year since coming to play for Arsenal after leading his former club Montpellier to their first ever French title, you would think that Olivier Giroud was a happy man. But apparently not because he has been quoted in the Daily Mail admitting that the media focus on what he wears, how he looks and what his latest haircut might be is really starting to get on his wick.