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No chance of Arsenal letting Wilshere go to Barcelona!

Barca eye yet another Arsenal player by Big Gun

Dear Gooners

By now we should all know that by logging onto this site, we are exposing ourselves to some really weird and wonderful rumours, especially during transfer windows. My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt, and if it sounds like rubbish, don’t read it. But every now and then, these rumours that sound like complete twak we never thought would be possible, to our dismay, end up becoming reality. In this particular case, I am posting this rumour, not to promote what the actual rumour is about, but more to promote the particular player mentioned and why he is the subject of the rumour.

Arsenal’s injury luck SO bad it has turned to transfer target Draxler

You could not make it up Arsenal fans! Can you recall the Gunners ever having so many players out injured so consistently as Arsenal have had so far this season? There were battalions in the trenches at World War I that picked up less injuries.

Anyway, with Theo Walcott ruled out for the rest of the season, it was looking increasingly likely that Arsene Wenger would go into the transfer market for a replacement. According to the Daily Mail, the player in question was going to be the German wunderkind Julian Draxler.

Arsenal boss can turn Walcott into the new Henry – with patience

Arsenal can’t get Suarez but CAN make the next Henry by OA

Good day Arsenal fans, this will be my first article and I hope you guys just see reason with me. Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of slow players but I had no choice except to support Olivier Giroud, after all that’s the arsenal way (we stand by the team good or bad).

Is Owen or Henry right about Arsenal’s Ozil?

There was no doubt that the £42 million signing of Mesut Ozil by Arsenal was the big story of the transfer window for various reasons. The Gunners smashing their transfer record as well as the decision of Madrid to let such a player go. Some critics, however, thought that Ozil was not the player Arsenal needed and that Wenger had messed up by not signing a striker.

And two of the best strikers in Premier League history have been talking about the German midfielder and they have wildly different opinions, although some or all of that could be attributed to their different biases towards certain clubs.

Some Positive thoughts from an Arsenal fan…

‘We love you Arsenal, we do….’ by Shayan

I haven’t always been an Arsenal fan. I started watching football at 12 or 13 years of age. I enjoyed watching Arsenal play so I followed them when I could. The day I truly became a gunner wasn’t the day Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane or when Henry scored that absolute beauty against Man United….

Has Wenger really ruled out Arsenal return for King Henry?

No chance of a Henry return by Ash

When it comes to former Arsenal players that still currently play professional football, I am sure that there are many more players that the Arsenal fans dislike rather than support. The names of Ashley Cole, Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie obviously come to mind, whilst some others including Cesc Fabregas, Kolo Toure and a certain Thierry Henry are all still very much favoured by the majority of the Arsenal faithful, so much so that as Arsenal fans we are always happy to see them return to the club.

Return of the King but is Henry just training with Arsenal?

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans would definitely rather have Thierry Henry back in the Arsenal squad than Nicklas Bendtner, despite the fact that the Gunners’ record goal scorer is now 36-years old. So the pictures in the papers of the mercurial French striker in Arsenal gear training with the current players will certainly have some Gooners wondering if Henry is to make his second comeback.

Bergkamp loving Ozil and planning Arsenal return

Return of the non-flying Dutchman by Big Gun

Dear fellow gooners, It comes to no surprise that the signing of Ozil and Arsenal’s current brilliant form at top of the league has turned many a head in the football industry, including an Arsenal hero and legend, Dennis Bergkamp. In an interview with Telegraph Sport, he spoke about the positive transformation Arsenal has begun to undertake and how he wishes to be a part of that. Currently he is the assistant coach at Ajax, but in the interview he states that he always had plans to return to Arsenal one day and continue his legacy with us.

Arteta says this Arsenal are not like Invincibles – Yet

Mikel Arteta is a great Arsenal vice-captain. His cool head is a huge asset both on a and off the pitch. He is also a great role model for the other players in the squad, so they will listen to him when he says things, and amidst the growing excitement and confidence, his voice or reason could be useful in keeping everybody’s feet on the ground.

Silent Stan speaks out on Arsenal, Wenger and Suarez transfer

The majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club is the American billionaire Stan Kroenke, who with his family owns lots of other sports teams in America. His nickname `Silent` Stan is well earned, because we rarely hear anything from him, even on his rare visits to see the Gunners play, but he has recently given an interview and revealed a lot more than usual.

Arsenal Debate – Current team the Best since 2006?

Is this the greatest Arsenal team in years? by Ash

There has been a lot talk over the last few years about how Arsenal have done nothing but decline into the mix of a failing team, a team of past glories and a team that will take its time for a return to success. And this is largely down to the factor that so many top class talents have left our club in the past few seasons.

Should Walcott forget about being a striker for Arsenal?

After Theo Walcott enjoyed his best ever season with Arsenal last time around, expectations were high that he would carry on in the same vein and perhaps do even better this year. Well it hasn’t really happened for the 24-year old forward so far this season, for club or country, and he is starting to take flak again.

Former England, Man United and Man City winger Peter Barnes has claimed in a report in the Express, that Theo’s problem is his desire to be a striker rather than an out-and-out wide man. He also claims that he could make Theo a much better player in no time.