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Spurs closing in on Arsenal striker target! Quick Wenger…

I will not be a happy little Arsenal fan if we allow Tottenham to swoop in and sign the French international striker Loic Remy from under our noses. But that is what is on the cards unless Arsene Wenger gets his finger out and does something about it.

Metro is reporting that the top spud, Daniel Levy, is hoping to take advantage of our usual ponderous way of doing transfer business and poach the QPR player who has spent the season on loan at Newcastle. The report claims that they have news from France that talks are already ongoing and have reached quite an advanced stage already.

Why Remy is still on Arsenal transfer list?

Sometimes in football, especially when it is transfer business, what is not said can be just as important as what is said. The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is an acknowledged master of deception, deflection and misdirection when it comes to his own transfer dealings, which is why many papers like Metro have taken his recent words to mean that Loic Remy is still a Gunners target.

Wenger said, “He is a very good striker. But at the moment we focus on the end of the season, not strikers.”

Arsenal legend Henry in defence of future star Ozil

The media have had to find someone else to pick on now Arsenal’s record signing Mesut Ozil has picked up a hamstring injury. They can’t criticise his performances when he is in the treatment room, although I’m sure they would love to try, but Thierry Henry does not think they should be on his back anyway.

Henry became the top scorer ever for Arsenal and one of the best players ever to grace the Premier League, but he had to work at it and adapt to the different demands of English football. So he knows what Ozil is going through and believes that the German, and other foreign players brought in on big money transfers.

Arsenal take 1st step towards HUGE summer of signings

Arsenal fans are understandably confused and angry about why Arsene Wenger has done so little in the last two transfer windows, especially after the recent financial figures showed the Club doing really well and having lots of money in the bank.

Apart from smashing the Arsenal transfer record to sign Mesut Ozil on the summer deadline day, Wenger has spent less money than you would expect from a struggling lower division side, but it does look as if this year will be the last one that causes us to vent our frustrations as our rivals spend money and we do nothing.

Is Liverpool boss just winding Arsenal up?

As if the football at the weekend was not bad enough for Arsenal fans, someone has decided to pour salt and vinegar into our open wounds. The American John W. Henry who owns Liverpool has pretty much admitted that Arsenal’s attempt to sign Luis Suarez in the summer should have been successful, but they just decided not to honour the terms of the contract.

We all know about the strange sounding bid of 40 million and one pound, which turned into a bit of a joke, with Liverpool taking the high ground and accusing us of bad and disrespectful behaviour. We had to put up with snide comments from Mr. Henry and his attack dog, Brenda, but it now turns out that the Gunners were in the right all along.

Can Bergkamp statue inspire Ozil to become Arsenal legend?

bergkamp statue
bergkamp statue pose
It was a great day for Dennis Bergkamp and Arsenal yesterday, as the Gunners legend was honoured with this statue which immortalises a moment when the Dutch master controlled a ball against Newcastle in 2003. It is easy to forget that, when Bergkamp arrived from Inter Milan in 1995, Arsenal were a fairly uninspiring team.

We had enjoyed a great period of success under George Graham, but it was based upon a solid defensive performance rather than the exciting and creative football we are used to now. Bergkamp was signed by Bruce Rioch, who only lasted a year before Wenger came in, and signing the Dutchman is by far the best thing he did. But Bergkamp will always be linked with Wenger’s revolution because his style epitomised the new approach.

Gunners legend thinks Ozil and Arsenal are good enough for title!!

Arsenal fans have been left exasperated at times this season by the offhand way that football pundits on television and in the papers have dismissed the title credentials of the Gunners. But the players and Arsene Wenger do not seem to mind and have just got on with their jobs to great effect.

It seems that former Gunners striker Thierry Henry is being courted by various stations to become a TV pundit, so we might finally get somebody willing to stick up for Arsenal, something he has already done, as reported by the Independent. The Club’s record goal scorer certainly knows what it takes to win things, especially at the sharp end of the team, so his confidence in Arsenal is great to hear.

No chance of Arsenal letting Wilshere go to Barcelona!

Barca eye yet another Arsenal player by Big Gun

Dear Gooners

By now we should all know that by logging onto this site, we are exposing ourselves to some really weird and wonderful rumours, especially during transfer windows. My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt, and if it sounds like rubbish, don’t read it. But every now and then, these rumours that sound like complete twak we never thought would be possible, to our dismay, end up becoming reality. In this particular case, I am posting this rumour, not to promote what the actual rumour is about, but more to promote the particular player mentioned and why he is the subject of the rumour.

Arsenal’s injury luck SO bad it has turned to transfer target Draxler

You could not make it up Arsenal fans! Can you recall the Gunners ever having so many players out injured so consistently as Arsenal have had so far this season? There were battalions in the trenches at World War I that picked up less injuries.

Anyway, with Theo Walcott ruled out for the rest of the season, it was looking increasingly likely that Arsene Wenger would go into the transfer market for a replacement. According to the Daily Mail, the player in question was going to be the German wunderkind Julian Draxler.

Arsenal boss can turn Walcott into the new Henry – with patience

Arsenal can’t get Suarez but CAN make the next Henry by OA

Good day Arsenal fans, this will be my first article and I hope you guys just see reason with me. Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of slow players but I had no choice except to support Olivier Giroud, after all that’s the arsenal way (we stand by the team good or bad).

Is Owen or Henry right about Arsenal’s Ozil?

There was no doubt that the £42 million signing of Mesut Ozil by Arsenal was the big story of the transfer window for various reasons. The Gunners smashing their transfer record as well as the decision of Madrid to let such a player go. Some critics, however, thought that Ozil was not the player Arsenal needed and that Wenger had messed up by not signing a striker.

And two of the best strikers in Premier League history have been talking about the German midfielder and they have wildly different opinions, although some or all of that could be attributed to their different biases towards certain clubs.

Some Positive thoughts from an Arsenal fan…

‘We love you Arsenal, we do….’ by Shayan

I haven’t always been an Arsenal fan. I started watching football at 12 or 13 years of age. I enjoyed watching Arsenal play so I followed them when I could. The day I truly became a gunner wasn’t the day Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane or when Henry scored that absolute beauty against Man United….