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What Neville (and Henry) REALLY said about Arsene Wenger… Facts

The curious case of Gary Neville’s assessment on Arsene Wenger by Lethal Prince 9

Since last Monday, we are all hearing about the news that Gary Neville has called Wenger “arrogant” and “naive”. While some people have gone on to support Neville suggesting he was right in doing so, I decided to have a look on original video for the exact words that Gary said about Wenger.

TV pundits overly harsh on Arsenal or spot on?

I accept that Arsenal were not very good against Liverpool on Monday, especially in the first half when it looked like all 10 outfield players had just been woken up in the Arsenal version of the film The Hangover and nobody really knew what was going on.

Have Arsenal missed a trick with Pedro transfer?

While the vast majority of Arsenal fans have our fingers and toes crossed that we will soon be seeing the France international striker Karim Benzema running out on to the Emirates stadium pitch in the famous red and white shirt, there is no guarantee that he will be leaving Real Madrid at all.

Has Giroud signed up to be an Arsenal reserve?

All this talk about Arsenal splashing out the millions on a new striker must be making Olivier Giroud very nervous indeed. We found out last season that the Frenchman is a sensitive soul and his game can be put off by the idea of Wenger buying a striker, or even by Thierry Henry saying that he is not good enough to win us the title.

Thierry Henry not happy with Arsenal’s transfer window…

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry believes that Arsenal can give a fight to Chelsea for the Premier League title next season but only if they strengthen further.

Tribute- What can you say about Bergkamp? Plus videos to remind you!

Remembering one of Arsenal’s best ever playeers, Dennis Bergkamp by TRJ

There have been a few articles today commemorating the 20th anniversary of DB10’s arrival at Arsenal. I remember clearly being in denial – that this was some kind of cruel prank…it wasn’t just Dennis but it was the Double D – Dennis and David (Bergkamp and Platt)!

Fast start, consistency, and Arsenal could be INVINCIBLE again

There have been many discussions about Arsenal’s failings last season and how they can improve on those performances in the next campaign. Most Arsenal players think that we have improved considerably as the season progressed, and Hector Bellerin simply thinks we need to keep up our end-of-season form to figure in the title race next year.

Are Giroud and Welbeck good enough for Arsenal to win the title? NO!

Composure is the name of the game. By Galen.