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Wenger – Thierry Henry is out of order!

Thierry Henry is undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s most revered legends in the Wenger era, but his old boss is not very happy with some of his utterings since he became a pundit on the Sky Sports TV Channel. Le Prof seems especially miffed about Henry denigrating our new hero Olivier Giroud, who has recently turned into a goalscoring sensation since his recovery from injury late last year.

Arsenal star NOT happy despite GOALS GALORE!

After improving significantly year on year since coming to play for Arsenal after leading his former club Montpellier to their first ever French title, you would think that Olivier Giroud was a happy man. But apparently not because he has been quoted in the Daily Mail admitting that the media focus on what he wears, how he looks and what his latest haircut might be is really starting to get on his wick.

Walcott on why he can’t get a game for Arsenal

Theo Walcott is finding it very hard to get his place back in the Arsenal First XI after returning from a year out injured, and the England winger believes that this is the best squad that Arsene Wenger has assembled since the Invincibles, and the competition for places is very fierce right now.

Could Arsenal be the “New Invincibles” next season?

Arsenal are on a ten-game unbeaten run right now, with nine wins included, but are still set to finish runners-up to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, who have only lost two league games in the whole campaign. We all know that Thierry Henry has given the opinion that we are not quite ready to win the League without buying, but now Jose Mourinho has opined that if Arsenal DID buy four more stars they could go unbeaten all season once again.

Henry is wrong – Arsenal DO NOT need new signings……

Arsenal do not need to sign 10 world class players like the pundits say by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone! Take that! Thierry Henry came out bombing Arsenal about how we need a new spine. Excuse me? Thierry has been pretty critical of Arsenal in the media. Not what you’d expect from one of the all time Arsenal favourites for sure.

What has changed about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal

What has changed about Arsene and Arsenal by KickAssFan

Arsenal won the Premier League last in 2004, that’s about eleven years ago; pretty much a long time. Ever since, we only came close in the 2004/2005 season when we finished second, behind Chelsea. I do know we’ve been through a lot as a club since then, but one thing that’s not changed is THE MANAGER: Arsene Wenger.

The strikers Arsenal could sign to improve on Giroud?

Assuming that you agree with Thierry Henry on what Arsenal need to do to improve on this season and bring that longed for Premier League title back to north London, you will be wanting Arsene Wenger to use the summer transfer window to make a few key signings.

Could this Arsenal team become the new ‘Invincibles’?

Can the Gunners bring this blistering form into next season and recreate ‘The Invincibles’? by CR

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