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A lifelong Arsenal season-ticket holder’s journey to disillusionment

My Arsenal life – The Good, the Bad and the Vainglorious by Geoff Wood

The following is a potted history of my Arsenal supporting journey to date, and an honest summary of our current manager and what we are spoon fed.

Yes Wenger can be annoying but he has done great things for Arsenal

Let’s Stop Kicking Arsene Wenger by CS

I’m not an AKB or AOB Cheerleader, and I believe all genuine Arsenal fans want the best for the Club. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and everyone’s right to hold an opinion should be respected by everyone else, even if you disagree with it.

A REASONABLE view of Arsenal’s problems and Wenger!

Arsenal, the true reason of the 9 year trophy drought by JD

As a Blackburn Rovers fan I can remember the good times, we were challenging for the title 3 years in a row and then the holy grail, 94/95 Tim Sherwood lifting that trophy and with Everton winning the FA cup. The scum that are united won absolutely nothing, prompting the lovely chant “oh Teddy Teddy, went to Man Utd and you won F**K all”, a chant no doubt every Arsenal fan enjoyed.

Is Arshavin right to blast Arsenal home fans? How to fix it?

It seems to be the hot topic at the minute, and the former Arsenal player Andrey Arshavin has added his own opinion to the the discussion on home fans. After our local rivals’ boss AVB complained about the support, or lack of it, the team often got at White Hart Lane, the way Chelsea fans seemed to completely outsing the home crowd at the Emirates crown during the league cup tie on Tuesday is certainly an issue.