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A REASONABLE view of Arsenal’s problems and Wenger!

Arsenal, the true reason of the 9 year trophy drought by JD

As a Blackburn Rovers fan I can remember the good times, we were challenging for the title 3 years in a row and then the holy grail, 94/95 Tim Sherwood lifting that trophy and with Everton winning the FA cup. The scum that are united won absolutely nothing, prompting the lovely chant “oh Teddy Teddy, went to Man Utd and you won F**K all”, a chant no doubt every Arsenal fan enjoyed.

Is Arshavin right to blast Arsenal home fans? How to fix it?

It seems to be the hot topic at the minute, and the former Arsenal player Andrey Arshavin has added his own opinion to the the discussion on home fans. After our local rivals’ boss AVB complained about the support, or lack of it, the team often got at White Hart Lane, the way Chelsea fans seemed to completely outsing the home crowd at the Emirates crown during the league cup tie on Tuesday is certainly an issue.

Arsenal – A great history lesson and a promising future!

Who are we?

Since Arsenal Football Club started off as Dial Square in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, South-East London, we have been one of the most successful football teams in English Football. Dial Square was renamed Woolwich Arsenal in 1893 after becoming a limited company. Over the next 20 years or so we went on to reach new levels of class reaching the First Division in 1904, which would be equivalent to today’s Premier League. I am sure all Arsenal supporters agree that the word class is the best way to describe the Arsenal in one single word.

Just why do Arsenal pay Wenger so much? Not for Trophies!!

Is Arsene Wenger Worth £7.5 million a year? by MA

No Arsenal fan or anyone else needs to be reminded that Arsenal Football Club has not won any trophy since 2005, and are still strong favourites to end the coming season potless as well. You should check out Betfair for this season’s recommended bets before investing any money. But as well as being trophy-less, what Arsenal fans need to be reminded of is that Arsene Wenger was the second highest paid manager in England – earning £7.5 million a year before the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea. He will likely remain the second highest paid behind Jose Mourinho. Irrespective of the position the fact is that he earned £7.5 million last year and the salary will likely remain the same or increase. We all know what Manchester United got in return for paying Alex Ferguson £7.6 million a year and we also know that Arsenal got NO TROPHIES in return for Arsene Wenger’s salary.

Arsenal Debate: Have Arsenal lost their Identity by moving to the Emirates?

Arsenal Cup Glory Ambitions by K. McD

Let us just presume that Arsenal fail to make it back into the Champions League this season. That’s not really too far beyond the realms of reality of things, with the Manchester duo, along with London rivals Spurs and Chelsea all in contention for the top top four spots in the Premier League. There was the disappointing Capital One Cup exit against Bradford, which was at least a magnanimous move by the Gunners to promote some new interest in the League Cup. There was the FA Cup fifth round exit against Blackburn, which was, frankly disappointing. Forget the hammering in the first leg of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, that becomes totally irrelevant at the moment in Arsenal’s current standing. It has been the domestic cup exits that have been the biggest indication of the fading force of Arsenal.

Reasons for Arsenal’s Trophy Drought part 1

The Mighty Transition: Why Arsenal Haven’t Won Anything In 7 Years by Ix Techau

How We Got Here

In 1993, Highbury became an all-seater stadium, reducing its capacity from 57,000 to roughly 38,500, with even less capacity for Champions League fixtures. This meant a huge reduction in ticket sales, and the club could only watch as tens of thousands of supporters were unable to attend matches. With the season ticket waiting list growing rapidly every year, the club decided to look at alternatives.