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Arsenal in Europa League? Shut Up Arsene!

Wenger comments about Arsenal playing in the Europa League is the last straw by KM

Arsene Wenger… A man who said the league could be won without a match being lost. A man who actually did it. Can you believe how times change? There I am checking the usual sport news on the Daily Mirror and what do I see? A Wenger comment about how we should be playing Europa League as we have a better chance of winning it.

Former Arsenal chairman on Wenger’s new contract…

Some praise for the boss from Peter Hill-Wood by Ash

As I am sure you will be aware Arsene Wenger celebrates his 1000th fixture in charge of Arsenal this weekend. The game which is a visit to Stamford Bridge to face Premier League leaders Chelsea, will be yet another tough trip and especially so as Wenger is yet to beat Jose Mourinho.

Adams will ALWAYS be an Arsenal legend but NEVER the manager

Tony Adams – “I want to be the Arsenal manager” by Ash

Why Arsenal DO need a real Gooner on the Board

Why the board need someone who is truly Arsenal By SB

As we’ve witnessed the stepping down of Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood recently, and the appointment of board member Sir Chips Keswick, there has been a spot made available on the board to fill the new chairman’s place. For a long time, Gooners have been crying out for a member of the board to be considered Arsenal through and through. We crave someone who works in the best interests of our beloved football club.

No Chips for Arsenal legend – Adams wants to run Gunners

Say what you like about Tony Adams, but nobody can doubt his love for Arsenal Football Club or suggest that he does not want what is best for it. He is one of that rare breed of one club players who would never have dreamed of playing for anyone else. I love his line about him not even looking at his new contract offers, just signing them.