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Former Arsenal chairman on Wenger’s new contract…

Some praise for the boss from Peter Hill-Wood by Ash

As I am sure you will be aware Arsene Wenger celebrates his 1000th fixture in charge of Arsenal this weekend. The game which is a visit to Stamford Bridge to face Premier League leaders Chelsea, will be yet another tough trip and especially so as Wenger is yet to beat Jose Mourinho.

Speaking ahead of the momentous occasion, former chairman Peter Hill-Wood was quick to offer support and praise for the manager of almost 18 years and state his reflection of Arsene’s Arsenal career. As Hill-Wood told The Telegraph, he is expecting many more years to come from Wenger.

Adams will ALWAYS be an Arsenal legend but NEVER the manager

Tony Adams – “I want to be the Arsenal manager” by Ash

Tony Adams has once again jumped on the bandwagon at Arsenal by stating his desire to be Arsenal manager. I’m sure as a fan it is a dream to manage the club that you love and support, and for most that of course never happens. But Tony who has already had the privilege of not only pulling on the Arsenal shirt, but he also spent his entire career with the Gunners, won several trophies and even became the Arsenal captain, now wants to return as the Arsenal manager.

Why Arsenal DO need a real Gooner on the Board

Why the board need someone who is truly Arsenal By SB

As we’ve witnessed the stepping down of Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood recently, and the appointment of board member Sir Chips Keswick, there has been a spot made available on the board to fill the new chairman’s place. For a long time, Gooners have been crying out for a member of the board to be considered Arsenal through and through. We crave someone who works in the best interests of our beloved football club.

No Chips for Arsenal legend – Adams wants to run Gunners

Say what you like about Tony Adams, but nobody can doubt his love for Arsenal Football Club or suggest that he does not want what is best for it. He is one of that rare breed of one club players who would never have dreamed of playing for anyone else. I love his line about him not even looking at his new contract offers, just signing them.

Chips Keswick promises to lead Arsenal to success, while Hill-Wood retires gracefully

End of an era at Arsenal! by Ash

The official club website confirmed yesterday that Peter Hill-Wood would step down as the chairman of Arsenal Football Club, ending the three generations of the position at Arsenal. Reports in recent days had suggested Hill-Wood would look to step down, but I believe it has been in the thought for some time since Peter Hill-Wood’s health unfortunately declined in recent months.

Arsenal Board needs Help but Kroenke is great says Gazidis

There has been a lot of talk about what Ivan Gazidis said in the meeting with Arsenal supporters on Monday night. Over the years we have seen that Gazidis can tell porkies with a poker face and is probably good enough to be working on www.livedealer.org – as you just never know when he is bluffing! As usual most of his utterings has been focused on what it means for the transfer dealings this summer, whether Arsene Wenger really has a massive wedge of cash to spend and whether he will spend it all if he has.

Arsenal insiders expect Wenger to resist the lure of PSG cash

After reports from France suggesting that Arsenal could be on the verge of losing Arsene Wenger to Paris Saint-Germain this summer, one of the Frenchman’s former players and the Arsenal chairman have spoken about why they expect Wenger to stay at the Emirates and not be tempted by the vast amounts of money available at the French league leaders.

Peter Hill-Wood has been the Gunners chairman since 1982, when he took over from his father Denis who had passed away, so he has seen it all at the club. PHW seems absolutely convinced that Wenger will not be going to join the Qatari owned PSG this summer because he is perfectly happy where he is.

We want pride not profit – Arsenal PLC treat the fans with contempt

The facts about Arsenal’s decline since 2006 by William Patey

Well the debate goes on. Should Wenger go? should the board go?, should Arsenal buy more experienced players?, should we increase our wage restrictions?. Everyone has an opinion and as fans we all want what is best for our team and club. Me personally I am at a stage where I do not know anymore what can be done to turn this club around. Wenger is a great manager, he has proved that but in the last eight seasons he has been unable to present a team who can win trophies. Yes we have great individual players who can win trophies, but unfortunately not with us. So is it the players fault? We can all speculate and give our opinions which we always believe to be right, put forward what we believe should be done or should have been done on forums like this, but what I want to say is this……….

Why Arsenal will never sack Wenger!

The recent amount of disgruntled fans voicing their displeasure at the performances of our team, and lack of success in recent years, is now becoming a crescendo. But if you have a longer past supporting our great club, and if you are the son of a turnstile operator in the 50’s, you have a more balanced view, and your expectations are reduced due to the historic nature of our club. Before Mr. Graham and Mr. Wenger, we used to win the 1st Division, as it was then, every six or seven years.

Arsenal Debate: What does Stan Kroenke know about “Success”???

Stan Kroenke and his other “Sporting Franchises” by TN

Since Mr Kroenke took control of Arsenal Football Club, we have not won a single piece of silverware. Success to Mr Kroenke, and his supporters, is qualification into the Champions league, why?

Is this the man, under whose stewardship, we can expect Arsenal to regain its former glories? To answer that question, I’m going to examine how his other sporting teams have fared under his stewardship.

To begin I’m going to set the scene by reproducing some quotes from both here and the US, concerning Mr Kroenke and his stewardship of sports teams.

Wenger needs to stand up to Arsenal board

Most Arsenal fans, even those that think it is time for a new manager, accept the fact that Arsene Wenger cares deeply about Arsenal football club. He always backs the board and doesn’t complain when they fail to provide the money he needs to improve. He stepped in recently at the AGM when some supporters were starting to heckle Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood, and got them out of trouble in the summer by somehow balancing the books.

Protests planned as Pressure builds on Arsenal

There was a great response from Arsenal fans to the recent post about protests, with lots of ideas about boycotting merchandise, matches and making our frustration felt. Some fans want Wenger out while others think his hands are tied, but all seem to agree that the board are not looking after the interests of the fans.

A group of Arsenal supporters are now planning a protest before the Premier league game against Swansea City on December 1st. The group is called `Where has our Arsenal gone?` and have demonstrated before, in May of last year. A few hundred people turned up but organiser Marc Harold is expecting many more to show their support this time.