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BFG wants Draxler at Arsenal, but Spurs to block move?

If there is no smoke without fire, then Arsenal are definitely making a concerted bid to bring Julian Draxler to the Emirates. He will definitely find many friendly German faces around, including Per Mertesacker who is extremely keen to have his countryman join our ranks.

Arsenal could find some gems at the Euro U21’s….

If Wenger was watching the Euro U21s… by Declan

So just who is `right` for Arsenal then Wenger?

Don’t worry Arsenal fans, Arsene Wenger is not just sitting on his hands while rival teams snap up players like Demba Ba, Lewis Holtby and Daniel Sturridge. Arsenal are like a cheetah on the African savannah, lying in wait, coiled like a spring ready to pounce. Any old antelope won’t do, however. We are waiting for the juiciest, most succulent prey to come along. The only problem is, we might starve to death before that happens.

Wenger tells Arsenal fans not to panic but we need a reason!

Arsene Wenger is expected to bring some significant new players in to the Arsenal side during the transfer window this month. There are some key positions that need improving and covering in case of injury, and Ivan Gazidis has indicated that the Arsenal board will back Wenger to spend some decent money, although the amount is debatable.

Could Arsenal be about to miss another transfer target?

There are worrying reports emanating from Germany that suggest Arsenal are close to missing out on the transfer of the talented young midfielder Lewis Holtby. The dynamic 22-year old played against the Gunners this season in the champions league for the German club Schalke, and was very impressive.