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Arsenal need a manager with the HUNGER TO WIN!

Arsenal have sacrificed our football legacy for a financial one. by GP

Let me be very clear. Arsene Wenger is the best manager we have ever had. Because of the contribution he has made to not only the English but the world game, I have him up there with the very best. Not winning the champions League maybe be a blot on his Arsenal CV to some but his record as a coach developing players into great players cannot be equalled by anyone else.

Arsenal Show Hunger and Desire on Off-day – But a Little Too Late!

When Vermaelen somehow managed to nip the ball past Szczesny, many Arsenal fans had that same “one of those days” feeling. The Arsenal team had been playing poorly for the whole match and while we were unfortunate not to be a goal up, we found ourselves a goal down at our own end.

Adebayor – Wenger doesn’t have the hunger of Mourinho

The ex-Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor left on acrimonious term with the club, but after a failed term at Man City he was loaned out to Real Madrid and he thinks that Arsene Wenger doesn’t come close to Jose Mourinho when it comes to motivating the players to go that extra mile to win a trophy.

Wenger – Nothing in the market, but the players we have are hungry!

Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem very confident about buying anyone at the moment, despite believing that it is important to get in early during the transfer window. From his nonchalant tone of voice it would seem that Arsenal are not really tracking anyone!